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Comment Keeping it safe (Score 1) 126

For just storage use a formed hard nylon case then when your using it make sure its in a waterproof case with strap so you can wear it and protect it from falling and water damage.

If you can get around bringing the ebook reader just get some books on tape and put them on a tiny mp3 player or phone. If find this much easier to get my stories while traveling and one less device to lug around with me.

Back in the PDA days I had an awesome rugged case for my compaq, the case was really thick, enough to absorb shock from falls and sealed enough to protect it from a little water. Tried finding something like it for ebooks or tablets but no luck, maybe you can google some more and find something.

Comment Call Centers... (Score 1) 222

The biggest flaw in any business is the human factor. Having worked at many call centers over the years it's clear that most our sensitive information is at the finger tips of kids right out high school with only 2 weeks of training. Holy run on sentence, Batman! I've seen many agents make the same mistakes outlined in this article, worse even, they just don't care, want to get off phone and avoid incident. In my agents' defense some people that call in can be very persuasive, threatening, flattering pretty much anything they need to be to get what they want.

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