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Monty Python Banks On the Long Tail Via YouTube 222

JTRipper writes "Monty Python seems to have done the right thing. Instead of issuing take down notices of their videos on YouTube, they are doing it better themselves with their own YouTube channel. They are putting all their clips (including snips from their movies) up in a decent resolution, with the only caveat being a link to buying the movies and TV episodes from Amazon."

Microsoft Feared Mac Vs. Vista In '05 652

CWmike writes "Gregg Keizer sifted through many threads of e-mails released under the 'Vista Capable' lawsuit to dig up this jewel...More than a year before Windows Vista's release — and long before Apple started poking fun at the OS — Microsoft officials were already worried about comparisons between Mac OS X and Vista. An e-mail thread from October 2005 showed that an article in the Wall Street Journal by Walt Mossberg grabbed the attention of managers at Microsoft. In a column headlined What PC to Buy If You Are Planning On a Vista Upgrade, Mossberg alarmed one Windows manager who forwarded a bit from the column.... 'You won't have to worry about Vista if you buy one of Apple Computer's Macintosh computers, which don't run Windows,' Mossberg had written. 'Every mainstream consumer doing typical tasks should consider the Mac. Its operating system, called Tiger, is better and more secure than Windows XP, and already contains most of the key features promised for Vista.' Warrier added a comment of his own: 'A premium experience as defined by Walt = Apple. This is why we need to address [the column].'"

Submission + - The rise of the new media.

An anonymous reader writes: The effect of technology on the media world can be easily seen in the UK's Guardian today, as it publishes its yearly list of the 100 most influential people in the UK media. Acknowledging the presence of the high-selling new media start-ups they ripped up last years list and started again.

As a result this years number 1 is a new entry in the form of Google Chief Eric Schmit, de-placing the likes of Rupert Murdoch and the BBC's Director General to second and third place. Google's purchase of DoubleClick and YouTube more or less secured its place, however many other new names from the tech world appear.
Steve Jobs places #7, YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley are at #14, Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolf at # 88, Bebo's Michael Birch at #78 and Facebook itself sneaks in at #100.
And showing the way of change, Bill Gates (Last years #9) doesn't even feature this year, apparently demonstrating the change to the internet over the pc.
So who does slashdot vote as the most powerful new media figures?

Submission + - Microsoft unveils table computer

Hennell writes: Microsoft has unveiled its new table computer, Surface/a> using a multi-touch interface it does away with the keyboard and mouse.


With a 30-inch screen, Surface will initially sell for between $5,000 and $10,000 (£2,525-£5,050). However, Microsoft said it aimed to produce cheaper versions for homes within three to five years. "We see this as a multibillion dollar category, and we envision a time when surface computing technologies will be pervasive, from tabletops and counters to the hallway mirror," said Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer.

Submission + - Multi-Touch UI from Microsoft

An anonymous reader writes: Popular Mechanics has posted this story about Microsoft's new Multi-Touch product "Surface". Its first incarnation will cost several thousand dollars and is targeted at businesses. There's a video showing the user dropping a camera on the display and pulling the pictures out of it, and then dragging some of the photos to their phone, also on the display. There's also Microsoft's official site.

Submission + - Sony Gets Bad Press from Grusome Publicity Stunt

walnutmon writes: Sony is suffering a backlash from a recent publicity stunt that seems to have been in bad taste.

In a time of increasing public sensitivity to video game violence, Sony has gone to the extreme by publishing pictures from a party featuring topless cocktail waitresses and, get this: a freshly decapitated goat.

From the article:

The corpse of the decapitated animal was the centerpiece of a party to celebrate the launch of the God Of War II game for the company's PlayStation 2 console.

Guests at the event were even invited to reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

Sickening images of the party have appeared in the company's official PlayStation magazine — but after being contacted by The Mail on Sunday, Sony issued an apology for the gruesome stunt and promised to recall the entire print run.

Sony has been no stranger to bad press in recent years, between a rootkit scandal and countless corporate mishaps, this latest debacle just begs the question: When are they going to learn that there is such thing as bad press?

Submission + - Sony Decapitates a Goat in PR Stunt

AbsoluteXyro writes: PETA is going to be pissed. London Entertainment Guide (Slightly NSFW) breaks the news that electronics giant Sony, in another stroke of marketing brilliance, decided to decapitate a goat and invite guests to "reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach" as a PR stunt to promote God of War II at a recent party in Athens. Images from the party, including at least one showing the freshly decapitated goat's head hanging by it's corpse by a thread of tissue, have been published in a two page spread in the latest edition of Playstation Magazine. Interestingly, Sony UK has refused to say how the goat was killed, but judging by the pictures, we can guess.

Submission + - Sony uses decapitated goat to promote PS3

ulatekh writes: In what has to be a new low, Sony recently threw a party to promote God Of War II, featuring an actual decapitated goat. Guests at the event were even invited to reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

They should have stopped at the topless girls.

Submission + - Ken Kutaragi steps down from Sony

The Trek Collective writes: "Possibly helped along by the problems with the PS3, Ken Kutaragi inventor and main man behind the Playstation console is to step down from his executive position at Sony.

From the article:
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) and Sony Corporation (Sony) have jointly announced today that Ken Kutaragi, Representative Director, Chairman and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., will retire from his executive position at SCEI effective June 19, 2007, when SCEI's annual shareholders' meeting will take place. Mr. Kutaragi will pass on the torch to the next generation, stepping back from his executive management responsibility of the company to serve as Honorary Chairman of SCEI."

Submission + - Registry for *nix?

hellsDisciple writes: "The registry is often touted as being the source of many of Windows' faults. But the horrid messy binary blob does unify configurations of many system services and paves the way for Group Policy and AD to control a lot of the machine's behaviour. With Samba's recent push to emulate AD fully for Windows and LDAP being suggested as the basis of a central management system, is it not time to get applications like Apache and Samba into shape for unified control? Should a standard config file syntax be agreed on and where should the data be stored? A push towards an "open registry" in *nix would make remote management really a snap."
The Internet

Submission + - Uk considering Cyber Crime Site

Hennell writes: Attempting to keep up with technology and technology related crimes is obviously a hard task, and whilst big companies can use the legal system if caught out, the average person doesn't always seem to have much methods for help. The UK's House of Lord's Science and Technology select committee, are considering a website where people can report incidents of cyber-crime.

From the article:
"One of the problems is that people who, for example, have been the victim of an eBay scam tend to think how stupid they were and that there is no point in going to police. If you were mugged you would be sure to go straight to the police," he said.
"In the UK, people are being told to go to their bank first. We are not sure that is right. These are crimes and the police should be equipped to deal with them," Lord Broers said.

Submission + - Microsoft attacks Google on Copyright

An anonymous reader writes: The Financial Times reports that Microsoft is attacking Google on copyright. It appears that in an attempt to differentiate itself from Google, Microsoft is portraying itself as more sympathetic to copyright holders. Microsoft stated that Google's decision to take copies of books unless publishers tell it not to "systematically violates copyright, deprives authors and publishers of an important avenue for monetising their works and, in doing so, undermines incentives to create".

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