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Comment Re:Software AI == Cold fusion (Score 1) 250

aww, is the academic baby-waby gonna cwaay?

By the tone of your pompous blathering, it's clear you're trying to make up for a small and malformed penis (do you even know what a vagina looks like, let alone what to do with it?)

Go shave and get a real job, fucknut. Then again, the real world with real challenges might prove too much for your sensitive cowering little academic soul. I've interviewed many silly boys like you - big on talk, but no substantive achievements and quick to release a little squirt from their bulbous bladders when posed a question about life beyond their ken.

Out of curiosity I had a look at your 'Foe' list -- ;)) quite substantial. You seem to enjoy insulting others and then flag them as 'Foe' when they respond to your spittle. :)))) what a plank!

Comment Software AI == Cold fusion (Score 3, Interesting) 250

Academics have been poking away on software AI for decades (also ANN) - I can't help feeling that this is a dead-end in the same way that cold fusion is, even though it's intellectually (hacking) fascinating.

What's far more fascinating and promising is the development of hardware neural nets. To put it into perspective:

Since the neurons are so small, the system runs 100,000 times faster than the biological equivalent and 10 million times faster than a software simulation. "We can simulate a day in one second," Meier notes.

10 million times faster than software? That's like jumping from an abacus to a Pentium.

I just hope these folks continue to receive the funding they need.

Comment Re:Expert naval tactics (Score 5, Interesting) 501

Pah. You're all traffic n00bs. Come to South Africa and experience our taxis (for those attending the soccer world cup next year, good luck to ya).

Our taxis not only crash with you in it, they drive over you, shoot at you, shoot at each other, ignore road laws at every turn, indicate after turning - if at all, pack 60 salty-water-sacks per taxi designed for ~12, are ignored by law enforcement or bribe 'em, stage mass action fucking up everyone's schedule, belong to violent gang-like groups who regularly take each other out, kill bus drivers for stealing their business, etc...

Comment Re:Thank you, Monty. (Score 1) 140

Slony is also incredibly complicated. That complication presents a real problem for busy administrators when Slony fails (which it does, often).

Hopefully the Pg devs will also use a straightforward (and reliable) replication model.

In the meantime, we use SkyTools - simple to get going, it fails less often, and when it does, it's a snap to get going again.

Comment Re:Freeze the CPU (Score 1) 260

I had to do this once to reset a flash-screwed BIOS... scary as hell prying out a good chip on a running machine, then carefully inserting a buggered one back in, reflashing, etc.

Desperate measures, etc. Scary as hell, but it can be done. I didn't believe it could be done until I tried it.

Comment Re:I've just been investigating this myself. (Score 1) 523

Tell me, how do you find the noise the keyboard emits and most importantly, how is the 'cold aluminium frame' - I keep hearing it's unpleasant to work on in winter if you're a bit of a pussy (that would be me)

Noise level: on par with my HP notebook. Nice 'n quiet.
The aluminium frame _can_ be a bit chilly in winter, but that's only for the first 10-15m, then it's OK. In fact, besides the large size (ie, normal KB size), that's also my only semi-complaint. However, the joy of typing on this thing outweighs the winter-cold-startup :)

I'm under the impression it should help your WPM though.

Oh yes, nice 'n snappy, lovely tactile feedback - I don't even have to look at the keys. You just *know* what key you've hit. Make a mistake, your pinky hits the proper sized backspace, and there's no doubt that your keystroke was positive - you can FEEL it.

As for a laptop style smaller keyboard - you may want to look at the logitech dinovo edge - it might be just what you're after.

Cool, I'll check it out, thanks (I've tried so many kbs over the years - my wife just rolls her eyes). I've been eyeing the Enermax Micro, but it has that horrible L-shaped Enter key, with the '|' pipe sign moved down next to Shift - urgh. I use | a lot. Still, might be an option

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