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Comment Re:Uh, no. (Score 2) 127

Anyone with half a brain is skipping the commercials, using that time to get some food/drink, use the toilet, yell at the kids, channel surfing, or *anything* other than staring at the commercials.

You can't avoid commercials by surfing.... all the stations have synced their commercials so you have no choice but to surf to 'their' commercial.

Comment Re:When you miss a metric... (Score 1) 165

I didn't watch any of those movies, but I think I once read a book which was printed on paper from a tree which was cut by a logger who uses a phone whose OS contains sourcecode partly written on a computer running Ubuntu.

So I guess 2015 IS the year of Ubuntu on the desktop afterall.

Only if the book was setting on your desktop.

Comment Re:Environmentalists eat your heart out. (Score 1) 211

The real problem is inertia and stubbornness. You want to know why one of the reasons Tesla did a sports car? Because they wanted to show that electric cars can perform just as well as gas ones when you want to floor it and "have fun" (because well, back in the 60s and 70s, the electric cars were decidedly non-sporty, slow vehicles that couldn't keep up).....

That's only what they want you to believe the real reason was the extension cord was too fragile and if they went 0-60 in 10 seconds the cord would break....

Comment Re:Definitely didn't starve during gradschool (Score 1) 390

IMHO you are NOT a "typical" college student.... hell I work 45-50 hours a week and wish I could have the 1200 sq ft. 2 bed/bath apartment you "slummed" in ... due to unfortunate ....oops baby on the way I had to put my career on hold... damn if it wasn't hard knowing you are under paid for what you do but having to put food and shelter on the table for a new life seems in itself a handicap but I look at it as a reward. Had I been selfish and tried to better myself I would be labeled as a "bad parent" I decided that sacrificing my future for the betterment of my child was the correct way to go. If that meant digging ditches (thanks dad.. I am not a ditch digger) so be it I did it... did I get paid 25K? HELL NO! I got paid less than 20K and I had to work my ass off for every dollar all the while worrying whether I had enough cash to grab more diapers, have enough for unexpected emergencies... (which in all the Doctor Phil episodes where I am a dead-beat parent because I didn't have enough money to handle such) I did the best I could... could I have made more money by sacrificing my family life... yes without a doubt.... but was that the "politically-correct" thing to do ... I still have reservations... I am nearing my seventh decade of life on this planet and wish I would have pressed the EASY button. Am I complaining Yes... but complaining that I didn't have the breaks someone else had... is sorry for bringing up Aesop but is just Sour grapes... I made my bed and I slept in it... and for all the other delusional people out there... my daughter will graduate HS next month the rewards I have received more than make up for the sacrifices I made. Now more to on topic... Rescind laws preventing the discharging of student loans let a person decide not the law!

Submission + - The Folly of Cyberwar Doctrines (

Trailrunner7 writes: When the history of cyberwar is written, 2012 may well be marked down as the year that it all began in earnest. Governments have been attacking one another electronically for decades now, but the last 12 months have seen both the concept and reality of cyberwar elbow their way into the consciousness of the general public through attacks such as Flame, Gauss and Shamoon, and also have seen government officials openly discussing offensive operations and calling out other nations for their extensive attacks on U.S. networks. Now, those same U.S. officials are in the process of developing doctrines for cyberwar operations as way of defining how and when military and government teams can act.

To help govern the use of cyber weapons and lay out the circumstances under which they can be used, U.S. officials are in the process of developing a doctrine for cyberwar. Similar in concept to the doctrines that dictate when conventional weapons can be used and what targets are legitimate one, the cyberwar doctrine supposedly would lay out ground rules for offensive operations and specify who is responsible for taking those actions. Such rules are vital for conventional military operations, but in the online environment they're unlikely to be of much use.

A major problem with the idea of a cyberwar doctrine is that in order for it to really matter, to really work, the other parties involved in cyberwar operations need to have similar policies. A declaration of U.S. policies regarding cyberwar does no good without similar ones from China, Iran and every other nation involved. If U.S. officials say that they'll only attack foreign networks in scenarios X, Y and Z, all it does is give foreign attackers a blueprint. It certainly has no effect on whether they're going to use their own tools. The Marquess of Queensberry rules do not apply.

Comment Re:Oh Frack! (Score 1) 377

You can ALREADY put a pump into your garage that will fill your CNG vehicle (depending on where you live, this cost would be as little as $0.75/gallon equiv)

$0.75 a gallon ? Bullocks..... the road/fuel/usage tax is probably gonna be higher than that. People forget that alternative fuels sound cheaper than gasoline.... but that is because they are not figuring the tax. Get caught not paying that can be expensive.... Why do you think they dye off road diesel?

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