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Comment A good progression (Score 1) 28

I remember a few year back i was a member of the OGP group.

The group was able to do a development platform for the hardware. Also a demo code was made to support VGA and a first iteration of a fix GPU was made.

At the end we were a few working on a spec for the Programmable GPU, before starting to code it to test.

What was released was another project in collaboration with the leader of the OGP. For those who don't get what the news mean :

-It's a programmable GPU
-It can be turned into hardware
-People can thinker with it and improve it
-It's a working base for hardware test in FPGA and software simulation
-The available and open code for a GPU.
-It's not commercial, it's academic
-Graduate and undergraduate student across the globe now have access to it for student project and thesis work

What it's not is:
-A graphic card you can buy

It is a pretty great news for those into the open hardware community. Albeit a latter one than most wished. But it is a game changing moment.

Comment Paper? (Score 1) 373

Why use paper when you can take note on a perfectly good whiteboard?

I you need to keep it afterwards just taking a picture and it's done. It's both ecological and a collaborative tool!

If you can't write it on a whiteboard, what's the point?

Comment From windows 7 to xp (Score 1) 1213

Where I work we are doing embedded system development. When we started we were given nice laptop with windows 7.

After a few month we start to see the limitation. Most software run in windows 7 or linux no problem. But most development kit only have windows XP driver.

So because of the driver issue we are forced to go back to Windows XP and be limited with the ram we can use on our computer.

After using W7 for quite some time I must say it work well enough I don't like everything but I prefer linux with kde. But at least Windows7 did support well multicore setup and more than 3G of ram.

Comment Re:Sign me up! (Score 1) 599

Yes you are spending too much with over the top feminist. Both gender can be stupid and petty it's not the sole province of men or women.

For the women to try to trap a guy by getting pregnant, I believe it happen fairly often. Why? Because even if the guy quit she can ask and get from the justice system quite a bundle of money from him, because she's having 'his' kid.

For the opposite, the man trying to trap a woman by having his kid, it could also happen. But there's way to prevent that from happening. If she don't want it to happen, she can prevent it. If she can't stop him it's called rape. And there law for that. After the fact there also a few options : morning after pill, abortion and adoption.

Comment Buggy CPU, clueless dude (Score 1) 236

I did read the article. The buggy part he found after swapping everything is the CPU... An engineering sample. The kind of part that should be the first on the potentially defective part.

Most component called engineering sample are called that for a reason. Usually it really mean : Wow I can't believe it kinda work!

If he's supposed to be good debugger, I fear for everyone who need is PC fixed.

Comment Re:Correction (Score 1) 135

Megahertz Myth. As far as I can tell, over the last 5 years individual cores have still been getting faster, just not with higher clock speeds.

They are going faster by shortening the pipeline so you get a shorter execution time if you have branch. Also there are more execution unit. At first there was only 1 alu doing everything. Now in a standard cpu you find multiple dedicated unit for integer, logical and float operation. It allow to execute many operation in parallel, as long as there's no dependency between the data.

Comment Cool battery (Score 1) 332

What's nice with a system like that is if they make truly connect each section together you get a inductance that carry 15 GW(3*5GW per section). That's useful for load balancing but you can also store that energy in the system.

Since it's a superconductor you get one freaking huge battery. It's not a lot to run en entire state but it should give a few moment in case of power failure.


Submission + - Basic Linux boot on open graphics card

David Vuorio writes: "The Open Graphics Project aims to develop a fully open-source graphics card; all specs, designs, and source code are released under Free licenses. Right now, FPGAs (large-scale reprogrammable chips) are used to build a development platform called OGD1. They've just completed an alpha version of legacy VGA emulation, apparently not an easy feat. This YouTube clip shows Gentoo booting up in text mode, with OGD1 acting as the primary display. The Linux Fund is receiving donations, so that ten OGD1 boards can be bought (at cost) for developers. Also, the FSF shows their interest by asking volunteers to help with the OGP wiki."

Comment Re:Burnt out (Score 1) 357

The operation theory for flash is based on that effect. In the insulator layer there is a floating gate who will get charged to make the memory effect. This charging and discharging of the floating gate is made with a higher voltage than the reading voltage. During the write/erase operation the insulating layer get damaged. That's why you have a maximum number of write cycle.

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 554

Sorry but you are wrong. What people from Quebec want is being able to live and experience their culture. Every culture vector is the corresponding language. Most Quebecer consider that other culture bring something new to their culture. Montreal is one of the biggest culture melting pot in North America.

It may seem that Quebec people are closed on themselves if you read only the laws, but some of those rule are there to force lazy company. Also those laws where passed in reaction to the English-Canadian action in the past to try to destroy the French-Canadian culture.

I remember.

Comment Neutron source (Score 1) 432

There is a high quality neutron source existing. The fusion reactor that was push by Dr. Bussard a few year ago. For those that don't remember it was a reactor called a polywell.

Dr.Bussard was believing that it could break even and the remaining question was one of scaling and engineering not physics.

Depending on the fuel and the scaling you could have your combined fusion-fission reactor probably under a decade if you want to burn fission material. For net power the time frame was somewhat similar for commercial power plant that wouldn't produce neutron.

There was news of a review of a new set of experiment and the result where interesting enough that the navy is still interested in funding it.

If you want more info here a few links :

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