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Comment Re:The horror! (Score 0) 2254

Scrolls smoothly on my N900 too. The while top navigation bar doesn't follow the scroll so it just scrolls like a normal page.
Doesn't work as well on my PC though, I have a mouse with a free-spin scrolling wheel and it doesn't feel smooth.

Comment Re:Why not wait? (Score 1) 481

I just tried this with the latest Chrome build (I've been using the nightly builds for over 6 months now). When closing the window and re-opening it, you get the option on that page to restore the tabs you had previously, when restoring it also restored the position on the page.

The tab management though, has also been an issue for me too. In fact, I just searched for chrome extensions that would help with this and found one:
It's ugly but it works. Maybe there are other extensions I don't know of.

Comment Re:Why not wait? (Score 1) 481

I've been using Chrome latest builds ( for some time now, and despite it being the latest builds, everything works and there have any been minor issues from time to time, I love it! :).

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