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Submission + - Ron Paul raises millions in Boston Tea Party Event

An anonymous reader writes: I bet there are tons of Ron Paul supporters on Slashdot that might like to see this story. I know he has a strong following in the pacific northwest development circles! Ron Paul raises millions in today's Boston Tea Party event On Nov. 5, supporters of Ron Paul raked in more than $4.2 million in donations in 24 hours, mostly of them collected over the Internet. Today, they're at it again. Hoping to detonate what they call a "money bomb," the supporters started fundraising at midnight Saturday and have already raised $2 million as of about 10:30 a.m. today, more than at this point on Nov. 5, according to figures they posted online. They hope to collect a total of $10 million by midnight Sunday. Last time, they tied their fundraising to Guy Fawkes Day, which commemorates a British mercenary who tried unsuccesfully to kill King James I on Nov. 5, 1605. This time, they're seizing on the 234th aniversary of the Boston Tea Party and converging on this snowy city to rally. They plan on gathering on the State House steps at 1 p.m. and parading down to Faneuil Hall, where they will listen to speeches in tune with Paul's libertarian platform. Speakers will include the Republican presidential candidate's son, Dr. Rand Paul, an eye surgeon, and Carla Howell, the libertarian who ran unsuccesfully for governor in 2002. There are also plans to dump some tea (or at least some boxes labeled tea) into the Harbor, though the details were still sketchy as of this morning.

Submission + - Boston Tea Party Internet Money Bomb

7-Vodka writes: Most political campaigns are run from the top down. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's campaign is a self-organizing distributed movement with virtually no central control that uses the Internet as it's infrastructure. This campaign was receiving very little attention until last month when an independent supporter, Trevor Lyman, helped to organize a fundraiser that raised $4.3M on November 5th. Because the November 5th fundraiser had a Guy Fawkes theme and the political shock waves were massive, it was nicknamed the 'Money Bomb'.

Today December 16th Trevor has organized another Money Bomb fundraiser, this time to celebrate the Boston Tea Party. The big news is that the total number of donations and funds raised are already shattering all previous records. Please take this as an opportunity to get to know Dr. Ron Paul, a 10 term congressman from Texas and where he stands on issues. If like all of us who are breaking records today, you feel Dr. Paul has more to offer than any other candidate out there you will know what to do.

Submission + - Massive Ron Paul Internet Fundraising Day

An anonymous reader writes: The December 16th money bomb for Ron Paul starts after midnight Eastern time. The last big RP money bomb raised over $4 million and broke online fund-raising records. The 16th is shaping up to be even bigger, with nearly twice the number of pledges, and will likely break Hillary's $6.2 mil one-day record (for funds raised from all sources).
The Internet

Submission + - Gamespot editor fired over review of Eidos game 2

PocketPick writes: Kotaku is reporting that following a unflatering review of the game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, long-time editor Jeff Gerstmann is no longer under the employment of video gaming website Gamespot and it's parent, CNET. Kane & Lynch, a game published by Eidos for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC, has been heavily featured in flash, image and text advertisments on Gamespot's website since the release on November 13th, inevitably leading to questions whether or not Mr. Gerstmann's firing was motivated by pressure from Eidos.

Submission + - Obama calls for National CTO (www.icstars.orghttp)

EmperorKagato writes: "Google Inc.'s Headquarters Mountain View, California: Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama talked about his plans to connect Americans through technology.

"Together, we could open up government and invite citizens in, while connecting all of America to 21st century broadband. We could use technology to help achieve universal health care, to reach for a clean energy future, and to ensure that young Americans can compete and win in the global economy"
Obama, a strong supporter of Net Neutrality, expects to achieve this goal by appointing a Chief Technology Officer that would ensure that every government agency is meeting 21st century standards."

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