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Comment Re:How long since you were in school? (Score 2, Insightful) 417

OK, I was a smart ass and brought in a slide rule, the physics instructor let me use it, I think because he thought it was funny. It was useful as a double-check.

Hey I did that, we weren't allowed calculators so brought my Granddad's old slide rule for a joke and was allowed to use it. Thankfully I knew how to use it and it wasn't just there as a funny looking ruler :)

Comment Build your own? (Score 1) 262

In the days gone by when I was really into retro gaming I had no trouble finding designs, work-logs and ideas for building my own joysticks for MAME gaming. They usually used a hacked keyboard controller or cheap joypad board built into a wooden case with arcade quality buttons. Search engines seem to still return plenty of results for "mame controller" or "arcade controller".

Comment Re:Banks here in Finland uses one-time codes (Score 1) 193

Not hard to do, considering 90% of Finland doesn't lock their mail boxes. My bank restricts my password length to 6 characters I think, so even with a random 4 digit code from a list of 100 it's still not that safe. Too much reliance on hard-copy data and not enough on a person's common sense. Changing your main password whenever you get your new set of codes, is probably a wise option. Now, I have a couple of bank accounts in the UK, and they tend to follow the pattern of huge password, security questions (which most people with common sense don't actually answer as the real thing. All this tied up with a password safe thing itself with a password that is easy to remember :) No system is without flaws, and the human side is where the faults will mostly occur. Just use your head and you'll be safe.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 193

My bank gives me my username and a short password, which I change somewhat often. Along with a nice little card with numbers on it that they ask for whenever I log in. They used to go sequentially, but now they choose a number at random. All in all I don't really like it that much, but it's better than a single password and name for everything.

Comment Re:Ok this is bullshit (Score 1) 920

Lets not forget that in total the EU has twice as many active military personnel and about the 1.5 times the number of vehicles as the US. The EU is about twice as big as the US in terms of populations; so per 1000 people their military capability is almost equal in size. If the need is there, the EU (and lets not forget other European countries) will be able to perform their own actions anywhere in the world. They just don't because they have someone to do that for them.

By the way, the US gets half of it's oil from OPEC countries and the Gulf. If they "descended into sectarian violence and the oil supplies ran dry", the US would suffer. Also, don't forget that the US gets at least a quarter of it's oil from countries that would be affected by the OPEC and Gulf countries turning off the oil supplies. Guess who turns their flow to the US off next?

So, best to just keep letting the US do their business and Europe can get on with their lives safe in the knowledge that if the Middle East did decide to stop selling oil to us, we're all fucked.

6 Reasons To License Software Under the (A/L)GPL 367

Henry V .009 writes with a link to Zed Shaw's "newest rant," which gives a cogent description of his reasons for choosing the not-always-popular GPL for his own code: "Honestly, how many of you people who use open source tell your boss what you're using? How many of you tell investors that your entire operation is based on something one guy wrote in a few months? How many of you out there go to management and say, 'Hey, you know there's this guy Zed who wrote the software I'm using, why don't we hire him as a consultant?' You don't. None of you. You take the software, and use it like Excalibur to slay your dragon and then take the credit for it. You don't give out any credit, and in fact, I've ran into a vast majority of you who constantly try to say that I can't code as a way of covering your ass."

Comment Re:In soviet union (Score 1) 284

Glad to hear some Finns can be honest and approach that time in history objectively, makes a huge difference to what you normally hear from Finns (mostly young surprisingly) about that period of history. I don't even mention that little post independence squabble called civil war any more in polite pubtime debate.
Sure, Finland is a great nation, it's moved on a lot from it's past, but it's past should not be glossed over or forgotten or rewritten (like the sort of thing that would happen during Breshnev's time).
Have a good night.

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