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Submission + - Assaulted for wearing a hat (

HellYeahAutomaton writes: While walking out, Ron Dusavitch, a bailiff, yelled to me from behind, “TAKE YOUR HAT OFF!”

“I’m leaving, sir.” I replied.
“TAKE YOUR HAT OFF!” he repeated.
“LEAVING, sir.” I replied again, still walking out the door, minding my own business to get out of the building and on with my day. Ron had other plans.
Ron LEPT into action and RAN across the courtroom (See top left corner of video at 0:21) and JUMPED into the hallway. He tackled me by pushing me up against the wall and held me there with his hands on my shoulder and bicep.
“Take your hat off,” Ron the Hero again commanded....


Submission + - Ron Paul grassroots internet campaign is surreal.

HellYeahAutomaton writes: Last night I was watching and participating in the Ron Paul Tea Party 07 for presidential candidate Ron Paul. The event strategically coincided with the Boston Tea Party anniversary. The experience last night was a sick and twisted cross between rabid Amiga fanaticism (back in the day) and the hopefuls for Red Sox Nation on their 1918-2004 losing streak of winning a world series. In a matter of hours I watched the ticker go up a million dollars and then a million again. The buzz on the IRC channel #ronpaulradio and their web radio coverage Ron Paul Radio was surreal. I've always been a registered Republican, but voted for the libertarian Badnarik in the last election. Two of his controversial platforms is to dismantle the IRS, and pulling out of Iraq, which many libertarians are supportive of. Are these the primary reason that the mainstream media is not covering/censoring him, and can the $18 million he's raised actually give him a fighting chance?

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