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Comment Re:That's funny, cause I wuz thinking (Score 1) 197

Oh man... you cheated!! Ok, I'm gonna sound like the old man complaining about walking 26 miles uphill both ways in six feet snow to get to school here, but...

When I was playing this on the C64 I didn't have the instruction manual, nor the internet to look it up on... I had to figure out what the spells did completely by trial and error... ROFL

1 through 4 = Healing
5 through 8 = Damage
45 through 48 = Damage all monsters (I think... it's been a while LOL)

there are 50 or 60 of them in all I think... and I never did figure out all of them... LOL

I'm starting to feel the urge to pull the old C64 out of the closet and boot it up now... damn you /. for giving me these urges!!!

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