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Comment Please don't neogaf this place (Score 1) 350

I haven't locked into my account in years and it took me three tries to get my password right. Yes, I'm a dirty lurker, sorry. All I wanted to say is: please don't turn this place into a white knight, red pill, feminist, anti-feminist, racist, pro-life, fedora or whatever place.

This and geekhack are like the last BIG places where nerds can still be nerds without explaining themselves about the lack of women, blacks or x-men in our community. Neogaf was once such place, take a look now at this hellhole. They think that video games are misogynist. All we have left now are mostly very tiny, VERY specific forums and sites that are getting updates once every blue moon. I don't want to read more books than I do already. I want to feel as a part of a nice community, even if only as reader.

Please leave this kind of "news" where they belong. On Facebook. Or Neogaf.

Thanks for reading. See you guys in 2024. I hope I can remember my pass until then.


Valve Announces Dota 2 128

RulerOf writes "Just over a year after hiring IceFrog, the lead developer of the wildly popular DotA Allstars mod for Warcraft III, and the speculation surrounding Valve's recent trademark filing for the 'DotA' name, Valve has officially announced Dota 2. Gameplay of Dota 2 is being ported 'exactly' from the current DotA Allstars and includes every hero, but vast improvements are being made to the game including VoIP, a coaching system, in-game rewards, and AI that takes over for disconnected players. Lastly, it all runs on top of the Source engine. (GameInformer's website appears to be struggling right now though, as they had an exclusive on this story.)"

Comment Paradox Interactive (Score 1) 399

The first sentence of this Review makes me kinda sad.

Have you ever heard of Paradox Interactive?

They are developing and publishing games like Europa Universalis III, Hearts of Iron III, Victoria II, Rise of Prussia etc etc.

Please stop closing your eyes and look a little left or right, there are many 4X games and some of them are actually better than the Civ-Serie.

Any Civ Europa Universalis III

IMHO, of course.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 547

Blue-ray will die, of course, no doubt about it.

Digital distribution will make the retail games obsolet?

lol, wake up guys, why do you think is winter the best selling time for video games, music, DVDs etc. ? Yes, because you give them away as present. Now try this with a digital coupon or via via steam. Imagine just for a second the face of a 14 years old boy when he gets a 50 Dollar coupon. And now imagine that he is not your child and the face of his parents when you do this.

People love things that they can touch, smell or whatever. Don't underestimate this fact.

Of course, the digital way will get stronger, but it will never replace the "real" stuff.

Just look what a failure the PSPgo was.

End of story.

Open Source

OpenBSD 4.7 Preorders Are Up 191

badger.foo writes "The OpenBSD 4.7 pre-orders are up. That means the release is done, sent off to CD production, and snapshots will turn -current again. Order now and you more likely than not will have your CD set, T-shirt or other cool stuff before the official release date. You get the chance to support the most important free software project on the planet, and get your hands on some cool playables and wearables early. The release page is still being filled in, but the changelog has detailed information about the goodies in this release."

EA Shuts Down Pandemic Studios, Cuts 200 Jobs 161

lbalbalba writes "Electronic Arts is shutting down its Westwood-based game developer Pandemic Studios just two years after acquiring it, putting nearly 200 people out of work. 'The struggling video game publisher informed employees Tuesday morning that it was closing the studio as part of a recently announced plan to eliminate 1,500 jobs, or 16% of its global workforce. Pandemic has about 220 employees, but an EA spokesman said that a core team, estimated by two people close to the studio to be about 25, will be integrated into the publisher's other Los Angeles studio, in Playa Vista.' An ex-developer for Pandemic attributed the studio's struggles to poor decisions from the management."

Larry Wall Talks Perl, Culture, and Community 123

LostDiver writes "Computerworld Australia caught up recently with Larry Wall of Patch and Perl fame. He talks about the development of Perl as 'scratching an itch,' a release date for Perl 6 (Christmas day, year unknown) and beauty versus practicality. Computerworld also has some more information on the upcoming Perl 6. A while back they interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup of C++ fame as well." jamie pointed out a interesting, related video of a presentation by Clay Shirky from last year's Supernova conference in which he discusses why the Perl community (or any web community) drives progress and innovation.

English Court Allows Patents For "Complex" Software 132

jonbryce writes "The court of appeal in England has ruled that companies should be granted patents for 'complex' software products. In this particular case, Symbian had written something that makes mobile phones run faster. The court case has received very little attention because of the bank crisis, but it can be appealed to the House of Lords and then the European Court of Justice."

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