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Comment Re:Teachers wrong here (Score 1) 333

That happened a couple of times in my IT class in 6th form. In the first year, two students handed in identical work and expected our teacher not to notice. Then in the next unit (databases), a student merely downloaded an example database off the web and tried to submit that as their work. Because, of course, nobody can see a hidden folder with the original copy in!

Then, the next year, two students (one of which was involved in the first plagerism incident) handed in identical copies of a program... which was the first result on google. You'd think that people in voluntary education would actually do the work, rather than copy and paste from the internet...

Comment Re:The legal system is too biassed (Score 1) 177

Except, to get those tens, or hundreds, of millions of people to pool their money, you'd have to peel them away from watching their latest reality TV show. And then you'd have to get them to care, and if someone even breathes the words "child pornography" or "terrorism" anywhere near this single cause, it's trashed in the court of public opinion and you'll never see any money at all.

Comment Re:Just get your shit together or give up (Score 1) 341

Yes, I know, silly me for feeding the troll...

finally pick one -- namely .deb -- package format and stick to it; so developers aren't put-off by the idea of spending days creating packages for different platforms.

Why not just stick to using tarballs, and let the distro developers package it into whatever package format they want. Also, why should DEB be the template for every distro's packaging format? Let me guess... Ubuntu user? That would also explain it being slow and things blowing up on upgrades...

get GNOME on to QT

What did you mean by this? Re-develop Gnome using QT?

stop! Go and do some work on getting drivers working instead,

Only if you stop commenting on /. and start paying me to do the driver work. It's a hobby, the developers will work on what they bloody well feel like. (Unless, of course, they're getting paid to develop drivers... =] )


Novell Ponders "Open-Source Apps Store" 183

Barence writes "Novell plans to bring the wealth of open-source software to everyday users through an 'open-source apps store.' 'I would compare what's happening on netbooks with what's happening to the smartphone,' Holger Dyroff, vice president of business development at Novell told PC Pro. 'There's a core experience, but then the ability to customise that experience. On the user end, all they'll see is an open-source applications store with one-click downloads of new software. Unlike the other stores though, they won't have to pay for any of those applications, which will be very attractive.'"

Comment Re:Obligatory flame (Score 1) 272


Gosh... I'd better stop printing and scanning from my OfficeJet and the family Canon until I can make them print only ASCII. Can't have you being wrong, can we?

I know I'm feeding the troll, but still... Both multifunction printers in our house work just fine with a fresh linux install (Ubuntu 8.10/9.04 to be exact), whereas with Windows (at least with the Canon printer...), I had to download the 100+MB driver+yet another photosuite bundled with it+the silly misc. apps that are thrown in.

Okay, If I'm perfectly honest, at first the Canon printer was completely unsupported by CUPS. 6 or so months later (when I installed Linux on the family PC because XP ate itself up from the inside and refused to reinstall) it was supported just fine. Works for me. =)

Comment Apparently so... (Score 1) 2

Can a person really own the trademark for the name of a game, using a four letter word broadly applied across several industries without the owner actually having published a title in the industry?

Apparently so... =P
He shouldn't be able to, as I thought there were ways of stopping people from doing this. Of course, I may be completely wrong, as IANAL and think I have an allergy to legalese...


ARM-Powered Linux Laptops Unveiled At Computex 272

Charbax writes "At Computex in Taipei on June 2-6th, several companies unveiled ARM-powered laptops that are cheaper ($99 to $199), last much longer on a regular 3-cell battery (8-15 hours) and can still add cool new features such as a built-in HDMI 720p or 1080p output, 3D acceleration, connected standby and more. The ARM Linux laptops shown as working prototypes at Computex will run Ubuntu 9.10 (optimized for ARM), Google Android, Xandros OS for ARM, or some Red Flag Linux type of OS. In this video, the Director of Mobile Computing at ARM, is giving us all the latest details on the status for the support of full Flash (with all actionscripts), the optimizations of the web browser (accelerating rendering/scrolling using the GPU/DSP), the stuff that Google is working on to adapt Android 2.0 Donut release for laptop screens and interfaces and more. At Computex I also filmed an interview with the Nvidia team working on Tegra laptops, the Qualcomm people working on Snapdragon devices and the Freescale people doing their awesomely thin ARM laptops in cooperation with manufacturers such as Pegatron as well."

Submission + - Dante's Inferno protest at E3 was staged by EA (google.com) 5

rennerik writes: "A religious protest at E3 against EA's upcoming title Dante's Inferno, which was picked up by local news as well as the LA Times, turned out to be a sham. Electronic Arts spokeswoman Holly Rockwood said yesterday that the protest was planned and executed by a viral marketing firm hired by EA to promote Dante's Inferno, according to the Associated Press. While this seems like an interesting and clever way to promote a product, what does it say when companies go to this length in order to create buzz about an upcoming title? Was this an acceptable method by EA to promote Dante?"

Microsoft Files For 3 Parallel Processing Patents 137

theodp writes "Microsoft may have been a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to parallel programming, but that's not stopping the software giant from trying to patent it. This week, the USPTO revealed that Microsoft has three additional parallel-processing patents pending — 1. Partitioning and Repartitioning for Data Parallel Operations, 2. Data Parallel Searching, and 3. Data Parallel Production and Consumption. Informing the USPTO that 'Software programs have been written to run sequentially since the beginning days of software development,' Microsoft adds there's been a '[recent] shift away from sequential execution toward parallel execution.' Before they grant the patents, let's hope the USPTO gets a second opinion on the novelty of Microsoft's parallel-processing patent claims."

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