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Comment E-strategy (Score 1) 301

Aside from reporting statistics etc., what would be most useful from a business point of view would be some sort of e-strategy that is aligned with the overall strategy of the company. Executives usually spend lots of time envisioning where they want the company to be in X years. Figure out what this is, and formulate a plan for IT to facilitate this.
These days, the role of IT in all sorts of business ventures continues to increase, and can offer real strategic advantages for companies. They just have to realize this, and make the most of it. You can help with that.

Comment Re:15 years or so ago (Score 1) 1127

A bit of an old story, not sure anyone will read this, but...
I hear this kind of thing quite often; that they don't prepare you for that sort of thing. At my university, however, professors continually stress the fact that you have to try really hard to figure out what the client wants, and they teach you techniques you can use to help with this. There are multiple courses dedicated to this in my Master program (one of them Problem Analysis and Solution Requirements deals almost exclusively with this).
Then again, my Master course is a bit more business-like than hard-core CS.

Comment Re:They aren't kidding (Score 3, Informative) 592

Hate to reply to my own post, but the scanned ad can be found here

As an anecdote; recently, the person with the least technical skill and knowledge I know (and that says quite a lot), told me she bought a new computer with XP on it because she heard Vista "has to many flaws". I'm pretty sure that if even she knows, everyone in the country knows. I'm pretty sure we didn't have this when XP came out.

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