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Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 191

Accelerating anything charged will get you that synchronous radiation. Electrons, muons or protons. Now, there are neutral muons that don't have this problem, but how would you accelerate those? They don't respond to the electromagnetic forces used to accelerate charged particles . . .

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 1091

Skiing is definitely separated by sex! In cross-country skiing, men have the same advantages over women as in running. Look up the timing, men are faster. In downhill skiing, strength is needed to withstand several G when turning quickly. Men has a big advantage because they are stronger.

The only cases where gender separation isn't needed, would be those where neither strength nor endurance matters. Maybe shooting, where good aim is what you need?

Comment Re:Low (Score 1) 674

The purpose of a course may very well be something like "learn math up to some level, _and_ prepare the student for more advanced work". Obligatory latex exercises can very well be part of the latter.

The math in some course may be doable in word, but teachers know it'll be way too much work to get right later on.

Comment Re:Linux Story (Score 1) 272

Not needing to reinstall at all, is one of the nice things with linux. Just upgrade now and then - for years and years. An upgrade normally "just works" and you don't have to re-do any customizations.

And in the rare occations when there is some trouble, just paste the error message into google and find how to fix it.

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