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Comment Re:Start with simple r/c (Score -1) 259

As an holder of an RC-Certification (In Sweden it's good to have this if you like to have insurance for when you crash into your ex friends car) I fully agree whit the parent. Note that there is a difference between flying the _toys_ like Easy Star and a _real_ RC plane doing 110kph at 4kg powered by an ethanol engine.

Comment What Star Trek Movie? (Score -1) 1

This movie that you keep referring to is NOT an Star Trek movie, it's an generic space adventure using template A1. Everything that makes Star Trek Star Trek is missing from this abomination of an movie. Things that sucked: "Technobabble" Engineering is missing, no warp core? Popper camera angles, i like to able to see what happens. Keep the camera in a good overview angle so i can see the action. Not zoomed in and shaking so badly that one can see what is going on. (Transformers suffered from he same flaw) Lame jokes all the time.

Comment This may have wider political ramifications (Score -1) 326

[Bad English and grammar a head] I believe that the passing of this bill will have an "interesting" effect on the political climate in Sweden in the following years. The process that lead to the bill getting passed have exposed sevral rather embarrassing facts about the political system - We have a thing called "perssonval" is mean when you vote for a party they have a list of candidates and you can mark one of them to give them a personal vote. This can in turn change the list so people that have allot of personal votes gets to sit in parliament despite the fact that the party did not want them to. This has been exposed as an elaborate ploy since the delegates are "whipped" the Swedish word ruffly translate to "the party whip". This alienates the younger generation further as the se this process as an way to the younger persons in the parliament . But since they can't act according to there election platform it's FUBAR. - The bill is out of sync with the rest of the country and peopel are asking who really is behind it (tin foil hat alert). This will off course make the current problem of mistrust politicians even bigger. This feeling is the strongest amongst the young. -The current right wing (using US standard extreme communist) government have lost a lot of face an will most likely loose a lot of votes to the left wing (using US standards extreme communist 2 burnout the revenge next generation 2). -It has effectively shown the Swedish people that politicians are lying bastard. What they say in public policy documents are worth nothing and they only act in self interest. Not that i had any illusions of the opposite. This is results in a rather interesting election in 2010. And what was the prime minister when the most important bill in years was debated.. looking at soccer... Ja'La dh Jin the Game of Life indeed.

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