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Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 1) 314

The schools may have aid to offer the poorer students, but the poorer kids probably never even consider going to one of these schools, simply because they cost so much before any aid would be awarded. If the student doesn't think they would be able to afford to go to the local state school, they aren't even going to consider moving across the country to attend an ivy league school. And would their teachers or guidance counselors even suggest to these students that they could possibly go to one of these schools and know that there might be ways for it to be affordable. The schools having the endowments and donations to use are great, but not sure if those that should know about them actually do know about them.

Comment The sighing... (Score 2) 290

I share an office with another person (with a cubicle dividing wall between us, finally), and while I do get along with him, some days the constant sighing just wears on my nerves (like today, now). So loud, even my headphones with Rammstein playing doesn't drown it out. When he's not sighing constantly, he usually has his ear buds in with bagpipe music so loud I can hear it over my music. Very distracting. I had an office to myself for several years, which was awesome, close the door, have music over the speakers. I miss those days.

Comment Re:He's Right (Score 1) 348

I'm working on the same project with our family photos (although I'm actually doing all the scanning myself) and I am using the metadata to store the details of the photos, as well as an Excel spreadsheet with the filename and details. I'm not really too worried about the metadata getting removed or file getting renamed. Not sure what a good third option would be either. the most important part of the process is actually getting everything digitized and indexed in some way, as someone else mentioned, at some point your looking at a photo and no one knows who those people are and nothing was written on the back.

Comment Re:Hooked too... (Score 1) 110

I couldn't finish the first book in the Baroque Cycle; the first two sections were fine, but the last section of that book just drug! Never bothered to purchase the next two books in the series. Anathema was good, just took some time to get into the world he was creating; again the ending of his books need some work, I don't think I could tell you how Anathema ended. But good book. Reamde was a good read as well. Hopefully this new book will be worth reading.

Comment Re:hehe (Score 3) 163

What I find unreasonable about barring the fuel is the availability of food sources and fresh clean drinking water not to mention the endless supply of ammo that one would assume would have been used up within the first few days, weeks, months of infection let alone a few years.

They probably get the batteries from the same place they keep getting this years new cars. Every time I see one of the new vehicles I think of factories in Korea (Hyundai) filled with zombie workers pumping out new cars.

Another thing that kinda irks me is when they do supply runs, and search through say a house, why are they being so picky about only getting the specific item they are looking for? I would be raiding the cabinets, drawers and closets of any vacant house I would go into searching, taking as much as I could carry, especially when there is a whole group you are trying to support. And the stores, clear the shelves. Take everything you can carry.

Comment Re:The Shutdown is a lie (Score 1) 87

We had our insurance guy from work speak to us (I work in a healthcare environment, and several of our clients may be eligible for ACA or have questions about it) and he had mentioned that when he met with our state government, they were told that they were going to have to get their insurance through the 'marketplace'. But I've seen several other people here state that Congress was exempt, made me question if I had heard our guy correctly. I'm glad to hear someone state otherwise (and truth). When you hear the same lie over, and over, it makes you question what you think is the truth.

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