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Submission + - Windows 8 Beta to bring many changes - Microsoft c (

An anonymous reader writes: Windows 8 Beta: Microsoft is planning to introduce more improvements. You can expect to see a better Start screen, Apps screen, jump lists and live tiles in the beta release.
In a new blog post from Building Windows 8 site, Microsoft is letting users know that they are listening and paying attention to all the feedback, comments, and in the web reactions on Windows 8.

Submission + - HP reconsidering PC unit spinoff (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Hewlett-Packard is reconsidering its decision to spin off its personal computer business after analysis indicated the spinoff costs might outweigh the benefits, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. "The analysis is under way now," an HP spokesperson said. "We said we would explore all options and that Meg would make a decision based on the data."

Meg Whitman, who took over the reigns of the company following the ouster of Apotheker in August, hasn't publicly announced the fate of the PC unit but has said HP has to determine whether it wants to spin off the PC unit "as fast as we can."

However, HP has reportedly been under pressure from manufacturing partners to keep the PC unit inside the company. Growing concern about the fate of HP's PC unit is pushing "channel operators" to switch their orders from HP to brands such as Dell, Acer, and Lenovo, Digitimes reported in September.

Comment Re:H-1B is a Fraud (Score 2, Insightful) 605

If somebody can offer a service at a cheaper more efficient price, why not? All this humbug about salaries that one "deserves" to get is purely protectionist and doesn't benefit anybody. Offering cheaper overall inputs provide better value for all Americans to enjoy. If you're peddling global free trade, you've got to be willing to accept that labour needs to move freely and capitalism dictates that the person who can do it cheaper and offers an apple to apple comparison of quality will win. It's pure economics. If somebody can do something cheaper than you can, and is willing to do it, then there is nothing wrong with it.

Submission + - Google Suggest Disabled in China Due to Porn (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "The Chinese government has asked Google to disable Google Suggest because it has been suggesting that people search for pornography based on its analysis of the most popular search terms in China. This comes on the heels of a fake CCTV interview being used to support the government requirement that all new computers ship with the 'Green Damn' internet censoring program, which is still in force, despite reports to the contrary. Understandably, average Chinese citizens are not very happy about any of this."
Data Storage

Submission + - Top 10 data storage predictions for 2008 (

Lucas123 writes: "IDC just released its predictions for 2008 with regards to data storage trends and its research shows, among other things, a greater adoption of online backup and archiving services (as evident in offerings from giants such as Google), the "prevalent" use of full-disk encryption in the data center, and mainstream adoption of solid-state disk drives due to falling prices. From the story: "There are very simple situations and application scenarios where solid-state disks will be worth the risk. It does promise some great potential benefit in terms of I/O ... [and] solid state will make a significant impact on reducing heat from spindle usage in server blade deployments and to boost functionality in mobile devices." According to IDC, storage capacity is exploding at a rate of almost 60% per year."
United States

Submission + - 'Green' buildings make employees see red

netbuzz writes: "Going "green" is all the rage in business these days, both for economic and ecological reasons. Lost amid all the hype, however, has been this dirty little secret: A lot of people are being forced to give up their workplace creature comforts — and they are none too happy about having to make the sacrifice. Personal printers, coffee pots, mini-fridges and more: all gone in the name of green."
The Internet

Submission + - Two large registrars disappear from the Internet.

An anonymous reader writes: On the heals of the recent debacle, two more large domain registrars are experiencing technical difficulties effecting an untold number of registered internet addresses. By all appearances and have each disappeared from the internet this morning. Their websites and nameservers are currently non-responsive. How can a company ( with an infrastructure of approximately 3,000 nameservers suddenly disappear from the internet?

Submission + - Google changing history?

jrsumm writes: The investigative subcommittee of the House Science and Technology committee is investigating whether Google is "airbrushing" history on Google Maps by replacing recent New Orleans satellite imagery with older, pre-Katrina imagery. Specifically, the committee wants to know if Google was persuaded into changing its imagery by local governments eager to make the recovery effort look like its going smoother than it really is. Google says it is just using higher resolution imagery now. CNN has the story here.

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