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Comment Re:The financial *and* legal option (Score 2) 372

Aside from a few corner cases like the woman who apparently was using the service with her husband's consent because he was incapable, I'm not having much sympathy for the sites operators or its actual users, so that pretty much wipes out the rest of the options.

Sure, but in that case why wouldn't the woman choose another dating or hookup site and *not* one that is designed to have at least one party be unfaithful to their significant other?

Comment Re:Very sad (Score 1) 82

I share your sentiments.

OT, having lived in Boston proper my entire adult life I can state with confidence that no Bostonian I've met would ever refer to Boston as "Beantown" including folks across the river in Cambridge and the suburbs. Just curious as to why a former resident would employ that term...

Comment Re:OT: Self-depricating humor (Score 1) 652

Well put. Self-deprecating humor certainly meets your criteria!

Here in Boston we still make fun of the accent even though it's not as common as most depictions would make you think.

That said, I would wager that the getting laid jokes are not (as?) funny to most of us who have been here from the beginning (so, at least for me, someone around 40 years old -- see my UID!) and at this point no sex would either be:

  • 1) really sad
  • 2) ok, just between relationships!
  • 3) not an issue as our significant other is static at this point.


Comment Re:Lots of cheap carbon stuff (Score 1) 652

Is this joke really funny anymore? It just feeds in to a stereotype that I've not found to be accurate. Sure, I don't doubt that some of us haven't had much action but I imagine the distribution isn't that far off the norm for our respective demographics.

If you're not an asshole, know how to treat people with respect, and take care of yourself it's not that hard to have a relationship.

Or I need to browse at -1 more often...

Comment Re:Not the target audience... (Score 1) 97

The problem I see with this service, at least in the US with the litigious nature of its society, is that it's almost to the point that if you say a common housefly landed on your arm and you are worried they will tell you to come in to the ER or urgent care. I know of no one who has called any level of their heath provider with any concern who has not been told to come in.

The last thing they want is for someone to call in with something seemly trivial and have it turn out to be something quite serious. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen when "I called my doctor and he said I was fine." and then "My doctor said I'm fine but then I lost a limb.".

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