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Comment ROKU... (Score 1) 226

I was surprisingly happy with how well and easily it works. Streaming from my PC over LAN, as well as support for the well-known services like amazon, as well as many obscure ones . Not expensive. I used my Raspberry Pi with XBMC prior to getting it, but missing out on Netflix etc. is a big deal once you drop cable TV.
My Pi is still happy as an emulator platform though :)

Comment Re:uninstall the facebook app (Score 1) 140

I have never used the FB app on ANY of my phones, yet yesterday a person I met via craigslist (and had absolutely NO other connections to) appeared on my FB suggestions. In fact, that particular FB account has NO friends on it at all (just as an experiment.) The person never used my wifi or anything, and GPS is always turned off on my own phone. Creepy.

Submission + - Twitter, Facebook and Google Sued For Facilitating Paris Attacks (

An anonymous reader writes: Reynaldo Gonzalez is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google for facilitating the spread of "extremist propaganda" after alleging the three companies "knowingly permitted" ISIS to recruit, raise money and spread its message across each of the respective platforms. His daughter, Nohemi, was among the 130 killed when religious extremists attacked Paris last year. In the court documents, Gonzalez goes on to say that religious extremists would not have the infrastructure to get their message to the masses without the three companies and their social networks. While each company does have moderators that review content, The Next Web notes that it's a statistical impossibility to maintain that any company of such a size can review, or even find, all instances of offensive content.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 340

MP3s don't have the features of FM (live announcements, local news bits, etc.) along WITH the music that you don't have to pick (how can you easily discover music if you only hear your same old MP3?)

Personally, I'm rarely outside wifi range-- but when I am, I never use data *at all*. I would much appreciate FM.

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