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Comment Atomic MPC (Score 1) 1165

For the last couple of years I have been reading an amazing mag called Atomic.

This magazine is desgined and written by geeks for geeks. There is no "filler" crap that gets lumped into there for the sake of filling pages. All the content is well thought out and created for people who know a fair amount about PCs and want to take their knowledge to a "higher" level.

One of the main selling points IMHO is the fact that Atmoic has one hell of a community. Its great to talk (and meet) like minded people and pursue your interests, and gain vast amounts of knowledge at the same time. And then the Atomic sponsored LANs are just amazing :)

Most of the issues the cover are about pushing your system to the max. At the moment they have a indepth article (series) on OCing the P4. As well as the famous Linux series they did (which was very well done). And my most fav of the magazine. The Hotboxes. A place where peopel can show off there highly modded beige monsters. A truly geeky magazine that is slowly gaining mainstream attention (just won a award for Austrlia's best Tech Mag). Well worth a look.

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