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Comment Re:Who's to blame? (Score 1) 158

We didn't start 2 world wars. We don't chop other peoples heads off because they go to some other church. Apparently you have NEVER read a history book in your life. Assuming you're from some European or Asian territory because you failed to mention it, you have no knowledge of the 10,000+ years of invasions that your ancestors and mine contributed. You're just pissed that America invades, kicks ass and then leaves without taking anything. America may not be perfect but the only reason you're not being oppressed by some other country is because of America and what it does for the rest of the world. So a big thank you would be appropriate.

Comment Re:Start here (Score 1) 1145

Why are Federal highway signs a good place to start? Because sign makers will make twice as much?

People are always screaming about getting the government out of their bedrooms and personal lives . They then turn around and tell the government, "we can't do a damned thing without Uncle Sam helping us out." If you need/want to use metric in your business, then do it. Probably the first thing this administration has said that I actually agree with. Stay tuned for the scandal.

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