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Comment Jack Vance (Score 1) 368

besides Gene Wolfe, Frank herbert, Isaac Asimov and countless others wrote volumes of SF where the culture was central to the story and as foreign as the environment. Heck, even Piers Anthony tried his best to do this; he just couldn't separate his yarns from his present-day cultural fixations.
What the heck is this sape reading?

Comment Re:What a Troll! (Score 2, Interesting) 395

Maybe, but probably not. I would expect any government (Washington State or otherwise) that started receiving $775M+ in additional tax revenue would *spend* it, not cut taxes for others. Anyway, isn't there a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion? I would imagine, given the size of the target, if M$ was evading taxes they would be brought to bear as quickly as the courts would allow.

Wal-Mart Ends DRM Support 231

An anonymous reader writes "So, you thought you did well to support the fledgling music industry by purchasing your tracks legally from the Wal-Mart store? Well, forget about moving these tracks to a new PC! Since they started selling DRM-free tracks last year, there's no money to be made in maintaining the DRM support systems, and in fact, support is being shut down. Make sure you circumvent the restrictions by burning the tracks to an old-fashioned CD before Wal-mart 'will no longer be able to assist with digital rights management issues for protected WMA files purchased from' Support ends October 9th."

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