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Comment This is just HP,, (Score 3, Informative) 77

continuing the support that Palm already extended to the webOS community. I had a problem with google syncing my calendar when I first got my Pre Plus so I called the support line about that and yahoo messnger and Palm sent me to precentral for quote "all the IM, media players, and apps you cant find in the catalog" unquote. I am glad they are taking these steps. As fan of webOS I am glad to see this.

Comment Just my thoughts. (Score 2) 148

On a computer I can see why you would scream about the specs. On a smart phone though, quit being a twit. It is about ease of use and what you like. The Pre was released with specs that were right on par with the iphone 3g when it dropped. Palm did drop the ball by not bringing the Pre Plus out when the iphone 3gs was dropped. The Pre 2 has a 1 gig proc and 5 meg camera and all the other buzz word Apple and Android fans are throwing around. It seems to be VZW fault that it is not launched. I think the biggest knock is they do not make the candy bar style phones that the look at me fashion idiots want. I personally like the fact that my Pre looks like a phone. That is what it is after all. I have never had a problem finding "an app for that". Which is a stupid argument for the quality of a phone OS. Palm gave you the way to root your phone and a hell of a way to save your hind end if ya messed it up. So if you are really as geek as you say you are just build your own apps. I have only had one time I recall that I could not find an app for what I wanted. That is OK though because it still has a nice webkit browser and access to the internet. It is a phone with a data plan after all. The webOS UI is a dream. It is the only reason I bought a Pre +. I also believe if the 800 pound gorilla that is HP really wants to become its own Apple like company then they made one heck of a buy with Palms webOS. HP is already integrating webOS into home servers after dropping WHS. There are many features that are new or on par with phones that are out there already. Most of the talk for desktop is either small netbook like laptops or virtual machines on the desktop to connect all your devices together. Think of it as itunes without the other Apple tech being pushed on you. Like quicktime, does any non-Mac need quicktime anymore?

Comment AI (Score 1) 341

In the last 5 years I think the only games I have finished are the Halo 1 thru 3, ODST, Doom 3 and COD Modern Warfare. I have a stack of about 50 Xbox 360 games and a few computer games. The pc games are mostly RTS and sim style games. RTS games I normally play the first campaign level then jump into multiplayer, and SimCity, well thats never really done. The main reason I do not complete games anymore is AI. A good example is Halo 1 vs the new Halo Reach. Halo 1 was a very enjoyable game with a smarter than most AI. The Elite were hard to land plasma grenades on and the grunts played the perfect cannon fodder. The flood would overwhelm you and you found yourself running for your life. Since then if you played a Halo game on normal you could run through it in three hours on normal. Up it to Heroic and the game does not get smarter, it just increases the HPs for the enemies. Then it just becomes a grind and that really pisses me off. I want to be challenged by the "skill" of my opponent not the the health. This has lead me to play more of them online, with all them damn Xbox kids muted of course. That leads to complaints about lag though. Bungies matchmaking sucks. I don't know though, could just be me.

Comment Re:sopssa, maybe because FIREFOX has constant bugs (Score 2, Funny) 176

This is /. so how dare you try to use an argument that may or may not use facts and or logic in it. Plus I ain't clicking on any fancy links just because you want to blow steam off on the internet. Remember winning an argument on the internet is like winning the special olympics, your still retarded after you get that medal.

Comment My thoughts,,, (Score 1) 307

5 years ago a v1 xbox cost about $125 out the door. A game such as Halo 2 cost $30. The next 4 years of xbox live cost me $200. Total investment is $355. I will guesstimate 5000 hours of entertainment from said investment. Investment per hour is $0.071 an hour. Pretty sure I got my money outta that. Not counting the other games I have. If most pc gamers keep a rig for 4 years, realisticly they aren't expected to play every game they can buy or have bought in the past. Honestly I am more surprised more of you are not commenting on the fact that a dead console was supported for so long.

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