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Comment Seems reasonable to me (Score 4, Insightful) 545

The headline makes it sound like the police searched his car, but the article doesn't say that.

Assuming there was no search and the officer simply asked him why the car was radioactive and was satisfied with the explanation, this sounds like an example of the system working.

I'm actually very impressed that these detectors are widely deployed and sensitive enough to pick this up.

Comment Re:Data Posioning.... (Score 5, Insightful) 312

I find your claim a somewhat incredible. How did they know when these companies were coming? And then how did they cause traffic disruptions? Did the residents take turns parking on the road for hours on end? Did they fake car accidents? That seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through, with considerable risk of police intervention, just to reduce tourist traffic on a nearby highway. What is your source for this information?


North Korean Flash Games For Export 211

linzeal writes: "Despite it being pretty-much closed off to the world, North Korea is the next boom place for IT and tech outsourcing, PC World has reported. Flash games are being developed there for outside publishers, largely thanks to the home-grown talent. Does this mean that the the cartoon company that makes The Simpsons might use North Korea as well? Well it looks like they already have started."

Comment Re:Mars (Score 1) 319

Totally false. I single person with a rover could have done in a day what spirit has done during it's whole mission.

Well, sending a person is dramatically more expensive. So maybe compare to 50 rovers?

A human could have driven Spirits entire path in a day on something no fast than a golf cart.

Well what the heck does the human have to do with that, then? Why not put the rover on the golf cart? The rovers have the best drive system possible with the power and weight constraints of the mission.

Humans can fix broken or flaky equipment.

Maybe? If you send them the spares and a clean room to work in?

Yes, if you give humans better equipment than the robots, plus the additional costs of a life support system and a ride home, they can do a better job. How is that surprising?

There is only one fundamental limitation with the robots -- the latency of the speed of light making tele-operation inconvenient. But that's not such a huge deal. The robots just have to be a little smarter about navigating on their own. And they already are.

Comment Re:Anyone who thinks they can change the weather.. (Score 1) 380

Oh get off it. You're just being a contrary to the point of hyperbole. And you're completely wrong.
Go read
"This rate of energy release is equivalent to 70 times the world energy consumption of humans and 200 times the worldwide electrical generating capacity, or to exploding a 10-megaton nuclear bomb every 20 minutes."

Wikipedia also says that all nuclear testing amounted to 510 megatons of energy released.
I don't know how that related to all "all explosives ever detonated", but assuming that is the total, then it would take a hurricane ~1,000 minutes to match the energy. You were off by a factor of at minimum 1,000 with your hyperbole.

Now, disregarding that, you're simply wrong that we can't influence hurricanes. It's simple math. If the water 100m below the surface if 5 degrees cooler, and we clearly understand how every change in water surface temperature influences hurricane strength, you can easily calculate how much energy we need to expand to pump that water up and how long it will stay there before convecting back down, etc... You can come up with a straightforward figure for how many joules our fleet needs to expend, and judging by this patent, it's not an astronomical figure.

Stop spouting this whole "noble nature" myth. Humans got to be a successful, spacefaring civilization by engineering the hell out of our environment. Our water system, the land, etc. This is just the next step.

Comment Re:Not a robot conspiracy (Score 5, Informative) 235

It shouldn't have just been denied an oral presentation, it should have been caught by the program committee and never reviewed. You can't read 3 sentences of that abstract without knowing that it's garbage.

Presumably someone DID review this and deny it an oral, but didn't follow up with the program committee to make sure it was pulled entirely.

I've never been to a conference which pity accepts papers. CVPR, a IEEE conference on computer vision, has a 25% acceptance rate for posters. I think this paper is quite an embarrassment to IEEE.

The Courts

EFF Sues NSA, President Bush, and VP Cheney 267

VisualE writes "The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will file a lawsuit against the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies today on behalf of AT&T customers to stop the illegal, unconstitutional, and ongoing dragnet surveillance of their communications and communications records. The five individual plaintiffs are also suing President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Cheney's chief of staff David Addington, former Attorney General and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and other individuals who ordered or participated in the warrantless domestic surveillance."

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