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Comment What are the school's alternatives? (Score 1) 168

My university (U of Hawaii) uses Google's email, but I prefer it to using HotMail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, or my ISP's email! I never use my email account, but instead set it to forward everything to my personal email account.

If you're thinking that the schools could just offer their own email systems, have you figured out how much that will cost?
It sounds like you work as the school's email administrator. Since it sounds like you have a financial interest in the outcome of this, you should just be honest and up front about that.

Google has a remarkably good track record regarding security. They may be the best company (of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo) in their industry, and if they aren't #1, then they aren't far behind.

One of the issues you raise is that you are assuming that students will use Gmail for their personal and private use.

In fact, they are free to use whatever they want for their personal email, and simply configure their Gmail account to forward and delete after forwarding. I've investigated quite a few other email providers, and this is rarely a feature they're willing to offer, so in this respect Gmail is way ahead of the competition.

BTW, do you think the schools should also have to disclose that they're using Microsoft software, that it has a such a long and poor security history?

Comment You probably don't need the advanced math! (Score 2) 656

I have both a BS and MS in CS, and have never taken (or needed) differential equations. I also completed all of the coursework for my Ph.D in CS, but didn't do the dissertation. I took three calculus courses, and have never used them, either! Analysis of Algorithms and the ability to do high school algebra and occasionally trigonometry have stood me well, however.

Comment Aken is on the Committee for Science, Space & (Score 5, Informative) 1469

Did you realize that Rep. Todd Aken is on the Committee for Science, Space and Technology (according to his Wikipedia page:
Isn't it amazing that someone this clueless about technology/how the world actually works would be on this committee?
Now do you think that this belongs on Slashdot?
Do you think Aken should resign?

Computer Glitch Leaves Some Australians Without Cash 195

An anonymous reader writes "National Australia Bank payments to customers were again delayed today after a computer glitch yesterday morning due to a corrupted file in its mainframe computer. Upset consumers are now demanding compensation for any fees for late mortgage and credit card payments, overdrawn accounts or bounced direct debits charged by any institutions as a result of the mess."

Comment Re:Tips... (Score 4, Interesting) 519

I lived and worked in Europe for a year, where customers generally don't tip much, and was constantly surprised by how poor the service was. Their attitude was that I was fortunate to be able to eat at all! In the US, I generally get what I ask for, they bring it quickly, and with a pleasant attitude. This is the difference between an incentive based system, and one where the servers don't care. I know that tips are expected in the US, and factor that into my choices, and I'm happy to reward them for excellent service!

Comment Re:No sensible, honest person would work for HP? (Score 1) 651

With all due respect, I used to have an HP ink jet printer, and refilled the cartridges *hundreds* of times over the course of a decade, before the paper feeding mechanism became unreliable, and I stopped using the printer.

I used ordinary fountain pen ink. It worked perfectly!

As another poster pointed out, why does HP need to put proprietary chips in their cartridges to keep people from refilling them?

I think it is telling that I no longer use HP ink jet printers, because I feel their policies are blatantly anti-consumer, short-sighted, and eco-unfriendly, and I vote with my wallet!

Comment Re:Uh No (Score 1) 582

The question should be "How can we improve airline travel?", rather than "Can we make air travel safer?". It isn't possible to make air travel much safer without inconveniencing travelers even more. Instead, how about making air travel reasonably safe and more enjoyable? What a concept, eh?

Scientists Say a Dirty Child Is a Healthy Child 331

Researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of California have shown that the more germs a child is exposed to, the better their immune system in later life. Their study found that keeping a child's skin too clean impaired the skin's ability to heal itself. From the article: "'These germs are actually good for us,' said Professor Richard Gallo, who led the research. Common bacterial species, known as staphylococci, which can cause inflammation when under the skin, are 'good bacteria' when on the surface, where they can reduce inflammation."

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