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Comment Re:Only in the States (Score 1) 935

I don't know where you get 90% of the population want tighter gun controls, I have not seen that figure before. There are other things that kill more people per year than people with guns (because the guns don't kill, people kill), but where's the outrage for those things? To, I guess I'll say most people, guns are scary, because they don't understand them, they don't understand why anyone would want one, and they don't necessarily want to understand. What I want to see is greater punishment for crimes committed with a gun, the way the government did with so called hate crimes. Punishment for people who allow minors to gain unsupervised control of a gun, would also be a great thing. Making it more difficult for law abiding citizens to gain access to a gun is ridiculous, when it is the criminals with guns who kill people. Even if a normally law abiding citizen snaps and kills someone, there are laws already existing to counter that. Just because it is possible that someone will use a gun to kill someone, doesn't mean that no one should have a gun.

Comment Re:I live in San Jose if anyone wants some opinion (Score 1) 258

I believe a better answer is for the citizenry to storm city hall. Write petitions, peacefully assemble, carry signs, whatever is necessary for all of the citizens to let city hall know that they need to hire more police. Technology is not always the answer, and invasion of privacy is never the answer.

Comment Re:Yeah Okay (Score 1) 530

As far as demonstrations go, surely you saw how the demonstrators were treated during the occupy movements. IMHO that calls for escalation on the part of the demonstrators, but if that happens, we will have an all out revolution going on, and very few Americans are willing to commit to that action.

Comment CO Dept of Transportation (CDOT) (Score 1) 225

CDOT did a call in of a suspicious object a few weeks ago in Colorado Springs. The suspicious object? A chunk of concrete with the base of a light pole and some wires sticking out of it had been discarded along a two lane country road away from everything and everyone. They had the road closed for ages while the bomb squad checked it out. The real tragedy is that most of the citizenry applaud such overreaction because they feel safer.

Comment ABC and Mod Squad (Score 1) 357

Maybe ABC would like to go after Geek Squad for infringing on their show, "Mod Squad" from the late sixties/early seventies. As others have stated, God Squad is nothing like Geek Squad, in name or deed, no one will get confused. Well maybe I shouldn't say no one, there are enogh idiots around that someone may get confused, but a "reasonable person" would not.

Comment Re:It's not easy to get into the airforce. (Score 1) 394

Actually, you're a bit misinformed about While it is true that veterans with compensable disability have preference, they must still be qualified for the job. A lack of security clearance isn't a problem unless you are unable to get one due to past history, the government will happily do a background check and if eligible you'll get a clearance. Yes, there are a lot of people applying, but again, if you're the best qualified, you'll get the job, and if the Government is having trouble finding cyberwarriors, none of what you mentioned is an issue, and certainly not worthy of the "interesting" mod your post earned.

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