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Comment Re:in the European Union (Score 1) 947

I can assure you that in most of the EU, you go to your local school and that's that. Wherever it's tried, choice just leads to ghettoisation.

In Belgium, freedom of education is in the constitution. So pupils (or their parents) can choose to which school to go (rightfully so in my opinion), but it does indeed lead to ghettoisation by religion.

Almost all schools are funded by government. The largest school network is the Catholic one. They teach their own programmes, have their own inspection and all that is being paid with state money. The second largest network are the community level schools (we have a Dutch-speaking, a French-speaking and a German-speaking community). Some schools are not state-funded, I think a couple of Steiner, Jewish and Sudburry schools are truly private (and consequently expensive).

My kids, not believing in any god and therefore avoiding Catholic schools, go to a Dutch-speaking-community high school in Brussels. (I insist on my kids making their own choices on what to believe in and what school to go to - their mother tried to convince them on Wiccan nonsense but she has little credibility being in mental hospital for years, my own mother tried to talk them into believing in Jesus.)

About 80% to 90% of the pupils in their school are muslim. The vast amount of them does not believe in evolution - which is a pity because only half a century ago the muslims had no problems with evolution.

There now is discussion on whether it would be a good thing or not if there would be a separate muslim network or not. A very first muslim school has opened recently because muslim girls are not allowed to wear a veil during class in community and Catholic schools.

Most teachers in community schools are atheists, they have to be very creative. My son's French teacher once drew 2 rectangles on the blackboard. The first one was a painting of god by an atheïst, it was emty, since there is no god. The second one was a painting of god by a believer, it also was emty because god forbids making depictions of him. Some students accused the teacher of blasphemy, because he had made a "cartoon of god" (no formal or official accusation, just during the class discussion after him drawing the rectangles).

In the Catholic high schools (which I attended, before going to an atheist university), evolution and big bang are accepted by almost everybody.

Comment BASICODE (Score 1) 141

Sometimes, they broadcast ZX Spectrum, sometimes it was MSX programs.

The Dutch NOS radio created BASICODE to transmit BASIC binaries over radio. It was used in several countries until the early 90s.

BASICODE could be understood by almost all computers at the time, including Exidy Sorcerer, Colour Genie, Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, Amiga, Sinclair ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL, Acorn Atom, Micro, Electron, Tandy TRS-80, MSX, Oric Atmos, Philips P2000T, Grundy NewBrain, Amstrad CPC, IBM PC, Apple II, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A & Mattel Aquarius.

It only used a minimal subset of BASIC command, all system-specific commands were replaced by GOSUB calls, for example GOSUB 100 to clear the screen. The program itself would then start at line 1000.

Comment Re:Um, isn't java code GPL? (Score 1) 675

Python is definitely my script language of choice. Compiled Python with static typing would kick ass.

Except for the use of tab stops over { }... that's just plain stupid...

No, it is just a matter of taste.

I would personally rather like Python to replace "=" by ":=" and "==" by "=" over changing the tabs into braces.

Nothing stupid about having another taste. If you really have a problem with such details, just fork it.

Comment Re:Here we go again (SCO) (Score 1) 675

Also, is oracle really trying to state that they have never heard of clean room design?

When Oracle hired Informix people who had created the Informix online hot backup and shortly after that released hot backups for Oracle, they pleaded that the folks who came over from Informix did not work on that and that Oracle did a clean room design. They could perhaps claim that the _names_ of the Java API calls are the copyrighted material, but if that would stick, no compatibles APIs would be possible anymore at all.

Comment Re:Newsworthy? (Score 1) 338

And this is newsworthy.... how? DOS is still Microsoft's property, regardless of how thoroughly reverse engineered it has become. This is like dedicating an article to YouTube making a video unavailable because a record label said take it down.

MS/DOS is Microsoft's "property" (stolen property btw, but that's another story), DOSBox is not. But this is not what this is about: iDOS was taken away not because it would infringe on Microsoft, but probably because it would turn the non-jailbroken iPhone/iTab into a programmable device.

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