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Comment WE ALREADY KNOW HOW TO WORK THE MIRROR API. (Score 2, Informative) 496

This is absolute bullshit. If anyone who approved this fucking article knew what they were talking about, they would know that Google held a Glass developer conference wherein they explain the capabilities of Glass, guidelines, and API abilities.


Fucking idiots. The entire Mirror API is explained in that video. Developers(or anyone) who have done a simple Google search know how the hell to develop for Glass right now, why doesn't the author of this /. post?

Comment Re:This is fantastic (Score 1) 31

Additive manufacturing has been around for a long time, and automated subtractive manufacturing for longer. 3D printing is great, but that BBC story was just their misunderstanding of invention and creativity. They think it's Something That Has Never Been Done Before And Doesn't Include Other Inventions, when that includes very few things in the history of mankind. Everything is iterative. Even the first simple machine a human used was most likely created by some other organism years before.

I propose that we adopt the controversial Cory Doctorow's definition of invention/creativity: something that isn't obvious. That way we don't have these mainstream news dodos bumbling around about "but what happened to invention? " every couple of months.

Comment Re:mythical creature (Score 1) 432

Never. It's obvious this is just linkbait. If Software Engineering came before people actually having a good time and being able to intuit about their code (what they call "brogramming" doesn't really exist, except in code-focused parties and cheap Hollywood flicks), then the vacuum tube predates the abacus. This is absolute bullshit.

I also have a problem with people using this idea of "brogramming", blaming it on testosterone, and then denouncing both. It's just college kids who are doing this, and I've seen women at those code-oriented parties, too. In some, they outnumber the men. This is conflating being able to intuit your code and having fun with your code, while trying to push the idea that "if you're not a tightass, you're not a good author". Complete bullshit. Some of the most elegant KLOCs I've seen have been because someone's "gotten in the groove", not because they've precisely engineered their code. That's not to say that standards of programming and clean code don't have their place (they do!) but the idea that clean-cut engineering is unequivocally superior to intuitive coding is unfounded.

Comment Re:Anything that screws monsanto ? (Score 1) 391

My friends were veterans, one of whom was drafted into the Vietnam conflict. The chemicals were Agent Orange and another of the swath of chemicals Monsanto and Dow developed for the deforestation/urban-center-driving movement the government. I don't remember the chemical responsible for Paul's lung condition, but I believe the diabetes and integumentary condition experienced by John were due to Agent Orange, because his position in Vietnam during the war corroborated that. The chemical Paul ingested might have been Agent Blue.

Comment Re:Anything that screws monsanto ? (Score 3, Interesting) 391

... and millions of people have died and become gravely ill because of it. You're not going to tell me that because lots of people ingested harmful chemicals and developed cancer and terrible, terrible conditions because of it, the human race as a whole should keep on ingesting (patent-able!) feedstock from a company that's so interwoven with the government that it's earned a basic degree of effective immunity for its actions.

I've had one friend die from lung complications and another deal with lifelong diabetes and a skin condition due to exposure to chemicals Monsanto and Dow were contracted to develop. I do not trust this company with turning my food into closed-source fodder made to sell RoundUp. If there were lean, open biohacking firms that were able to operate, I would support proper testing of their GMOs and I would trust the community much more than I'd trust such a vile group as Monsanto, but the fact is that the patents and legal restrictions bought off by Monsanto make that impossible.

Comment Stupid fucking name. (Score 4, Insightful) 179

Calling this "mutant powers" is trivializing this entire issue. It makes light of the fact that millions of people are using stimulants and nootropics that lie in a legal gray area pertaining to employment and schoolwork. Calling this "mutant powers" is the most inappropriate thing you could do.

Comment Re:Why would you want to game on Linux (Score 2) 332

He's right, though. A C2D/C2Q plus a more up-to-date card than the (*snicker*) 5570 he has now can handle most things you throw at it with ease.
He just said "It's already been upgraded, and upgrading it more would be a waste of money because I hold the idea that the CPU isn't powerful enough."

Comment Uh... (Score 1) 642

They were really just looking for a cheap Windows laptop, and that's what they found. This summary seems needlessly snarky and I fail to see why this is news at all.
I mean, it might be news that Windows 8 isn't crashing and burning as it looked likely to, but it sounds like this exists just to make fun of people who bought 250 USD PCs.

Comment Re:Too bad... (Score 3, Informative) 861

You seem to have left out the US and Israel funding Fatah to wage a proxy war against Hamas (democratically elected, by the corrupt system that the US and Israel pushed), the IDF killed a thirteen year old boy last month, then a twenty-three year old mentally disabled man who walked too near Gaza. Then, when the PFLP wounded four in a rocket launch near the border, Israel ASSASSINATED one of the leaders of Hamas and the strip.
Just thought you could use that background info.

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