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Comment SCADA (Score 1) 234

Malware Is 'Rampant' On Medical Devices In Hospitals

Kaspersky To Build Secure OS For SCADA Systems

Similar problems, so the solution should work for both. Of course, it costs millions in regulatory costs to make such a change in the med device. I’d argue reducing the regs would be far less dangerous for patients than running 10 year old versions of WinCE.

Comment Re:The Parent Isn't a Troll (Score 1) 1011

"This "incident" involves four scientists. Just four. "

You really need to get out more. Here's a map of the participants based on the email addresses

Four?!? That's like output from the CRUd programs. "Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice."

Comment Re:Money Grab (Score 1) 793

So, the principle seems to be that the government should use other people's money only when it enforces your preferences.

FWIW, I think that no bailout money should have been used for any corporation. That is, the government should have stayed out of it.

I also think the government should stay out of my kitchen and my bedroom.

Comment Re:WRONG-O! (Score 1) 379

You don't think there's any backlash? The backlash started with furious objections to the bailout while Bush was still in office. It has proceeded into the Tea Party movement.

Do you also believe the Chrysler bondholders decided to abandon their fiduciary responsibilities without intervention from the White House? Do a quick search on "Tom Lauria."

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