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Comment Re:Beginning of the End (Score 1) 143

Well, the last time I went to Best Buy was to try out a Kindle Fire. I quickly found out, from use in their store, that it's far too crippled for me to purchase as a general Android tablet device. I had no intention of buying it there had I liked it. I may even have placed the order for one at amazon.com from my phone while still standing in their showroom. Sorry?

Comment Poor Advertisement (Score 1) 263

The last time I made the mistake of clicking on one of these new Slashdot videos, the video was preceded by a several minute long ad on some ridiculous alternative/new-age treatment. Ignoring the ridiculous length of it (any video ad longer than 10 sec and I'm out...), who thought that was relevant to science/tech/nerds?

Comment Study something else (Score 1) 315

At this point, I would say: If they want to be a programmer, tell them not to waste their 4 years getting a CS degree. Study something else entirely and write code on their own time. If they truly enjoy programming, they'll learn far more by just doing and reading all of the vast resources out there, on the Internet and in libraries, as they need them to solve problems. Then when they do graduate, they won't just be another code monkey - They'll have a good start towards some domain expertise and be able to model it with their coding skills.

Comment Re:The problem is (Score 1) 234

This is it. Also, if FFXI did well in the west, it was because it showed up before WoW. I remember ditching FFXI a few months after WoW was released and had been somewhat ironed out because it was just a vastly better experience. The FFXI style of game play just seems cruel and masochistic to me now. Not that I have the patience for any of them anymore...

Comment No second chances (Score 1) 215

There's just no second chances in this industry. I can't speak from experience because playing FFXI was enough to leave me with absolutely no interest in any follow-ups, but if it's really that bad then they are finished. People will say, 'Oh, but WoW was buggy at first', and that may be true, but I played WoW on release (the reason I canceled my FFXI sub) and it was a very entertaining game regardless.

Comment Re:3-D (Score 3, Insightful) 261

Well, I'm pretty blind and I love the new 3D (as seen in Avatar at least; there's some lesser quality 3D going around in other flicks). The plastic 3D glasses conveniently fit over my large and very nerdy glasses. I understand some people have other issues, but I'll bet its a very small minority.

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