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Comment Re:The obsession with Google (Score 1) 711

...A co-worker of mine who has written device drivers for both OSes says that WinNT internals were "deja vu all over again."... Your talking about Device Drivers and about Device Drivers for a prior version not the current version that we are discussing. Also, are you at all educated about the new OS or are you just speaking from slashdot experience. I've seen it and touched it and have spoken with Microsoft on the product. Your speaking from a third party that most likely has never seen the product that we're talking about. ...We must use vastly different definitions of "huge". What you're telling me is that it allows you to put a paging file on a removable device. A slow removable device at that. Woot, as they say... We must and this is exactly what my point was. To you the programmer your version of inovative is much different than the businesses that they are targeting. Having cheap USB thumbdrives distributed for usage as temp ram are significantly less than pulling each box and upgrading them. Also, saying that flash is slow is hardly true especially compared to standard disk writes. ...And please don't burble about indexing. That's not innovative by any stretch. The software I work on has been using an RDBMS to catalogue files with metadata for over a decade now... Please, your the same crowd that heralded google desktop search as a godsend earlier. Also, using that RDBMS system takes upkeep doesn't it and that's only your company many other companies don't have this capability. This is embedded in the os and user friendly a lot less calls to help desk about where the word doc went or email conversation is. ...Good Lord, you're ignorant. Google is very profitable, but it makes not one thin dime off the consumer. Look to their profit centers to see who they're really targeting... Actually, your completely wrong. Who are they targeting they are targeting the consumer market. The businesses are targeted yes but for their marketing services. Without the consumers they have no business. Why is that so hard for you to understand google is worthless without it's consumers. The business pay the bills but the consumers are the ones that drive the show. They don't have any real business facing products besides the embedded google search appliance all of their money comes from ads which are viewed by the consumers paid by the businesses. No consumer market no Business market. And if MS isn't portal or search engine, then what the hell are they doing trying to compete in that business? This point I agree with you. I think it's a stupid move on their part trying for this line of business. But as you know Microsoft has a bad method of trying to be everything for everyone. Plus they have been trying for so long that they do have a small chunk of their business that comes from it.

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