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Comment Re:Consulting (Score 1) 306

Yeah, the three years dead thing is an issue. I've continued to code, on my own. I have the latest (but one) of .NET; keep up with C# and Java (to a lesser extent). As for professional contacts, I've maintained them; I have great references, but with a dead economy for the rest of 2009 and a lot of 2010, I had to do other things.

Comment Re:Been there, done that (Score 1) 306

Many people have wrote about A+ and I'm really glad I got the chance to ask about it. Do not want to waste time. For me, hair dye looks like hair dye. I've been white since I was 40 and I once tried it and it actually looked purple in certain lighting. Extremely embarrassing. But doing little jobs for people so I can check that "working" box is also a great idea.

Comment Re:What do you have to offer an employer? (Score 1) 306

First off, I would love to teach. I'm pretty sure I have a knack for it but...well...in the NYC area, I'm not so sure. With the downturn, there are a zillion ex-programmers already teaching. When I was let go, I think I spent like a year in a state of shock. I should have started looking at soon as they told me (they gave me a month; I had to train my replacement, from India, who sat next to me. That was enjoyable.) Government jobs are also a great idea. I will definite check that out.

Comment Re:Failure to launch (Score 1) 306

Your points are well taken and I've seen that where I worked. My mistake (maybe) was not going that route. I always thought having hard skills made me more unreplaceable, but of course it was just the opposite. I've managed teams for years at that company; my last position there was, official, a Systems Analyst (which I loathed).

Comment Re:What job are you looking for? (Score 1) 306

I'll check out PostgreSQL. As for javascript/html, for some reason, I've found them not all to my liking. I'll look into dice, as well as teksystems and accenture. I actually come across as being in my 30s on the phone. I've looked into PHP and kind of liked it, but I thought, I know C# and Java and SQL, why change now?

Comment Re:You're better off on your own.. (Score 1) 306

The consensus here on A+ is very helpful. I don't want to waste more time on that for sure. iPhone or Android programming is certainly something to consider (my phone is an Android). I started looking at it just out of curiosity. As for HFT, my assumption regarding such work is that they very much want someone who's done it before. And I thought it was mostly C++.

Comment Re:Teaching (Score 1) 306

I have. I approached the school where I got my paralegal certificate and suggested a couple of programming courses, one that would take a total novice to writing an app that front ends a SQL database in a year. They *may* still be interested. I'm in NYC and teaching in public schools is totally out of the question; even private schools are difficult to get into. I've thought about freelance or just advertising on the web.

Comment Re:Greeter at walmart... (Score 1) 306

I know next to nothing about A+ or Network+. I just thought, was it worth it? I'm not afraid to do hard, dirty work. I have a big ego but I don't mind being at the bottom either. I know a lot more than recent grads, of course. I've learned good coding practices the hard way, by screwing up a lot, but I also know how much client count on us to do it right and also do it in a way that can be updated or modified later on.

Comment Re:A+ (Score 1) 306

I've written a couple of encryption applications (C#, trying to move them to C++); that's the kind of thing I like. One encrypts a file and stores it in many bitmaps. I also think I've written an unbreakable encryption application but doesn't everyone think that?

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