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Comment This is hysterical: (Score 1) 305

So, let me get this straight:

Youtube is a company that makes large amounts of money off of people uploading pirated content. It then puts up a cumbersome problem plagued automatic system to "address" copyrighted content problems, but in reality has such a big legal budget that most organizations wouldn't want to go up against it in court.

And now, the MPAA etc are up; in arms over sites that help users "pirate" this pirated content.

I know there is no shame, but that's a pretty big elephant standing in this coat closet.

Comment Dear Palo Alto: (Score 3, Interesting) 305

Please do this and point all the companies that move out to Champaign, Illinois.

Massively cheaper cost of living and home to an excellent university that turns out lots of CS majors and other technical types every year.

The residents of Champaign-Urbana Illinois and surrounding towns. We'd love to have your problems..

Comment This is vintage Facebook: (Score 1) 76

The response is vintage Facebook. The descriptions weren't what was being complained about. It was the method of choosing which articles to highlight. So, they go to an algorithm for choosing them and say that it's now unbiased (ignoring the obvious fact that I can write an algorithm that's just as biased. It's just a set of rules and I can make the rule set whatever I want.)

But, they also removed the human written descriptions which is something separate from the matter of choosing what is displayed as trending. This makes the feature suck. It will get people annoyed.

I suspect that a few weeks from now, Facebook will announce that this was an overwhelming failure and go back to the old way. If anyone then complains, they'll talk about how they gave the users a "choice".

This is the same kind of choice they gave when some years back they allowed us to decide whether we took the new interface or waited a week before we took it.

Facebook commonly gives its users a choice that really is no choice and is actually a "shut up and gives us page views" response.

Comment Re:Oh please. (Score 1) 675

This was a debit card I was using rather than credit, so it was pin rather than signature.
As to the sequence, it depends. some indeed do let you do that, but many still require you to wait for the cashier. In some cases that's for extra steps required, like a signature for a prescription medication or entering your birth date as a cross check that the prescription is going to the right person.

In many cases, it's probably just the processing company that wrote/customized the software (or the store itself in the case of larger retailers) saying: "But that's the way it's always been done."

Comment Re:Oh please. (Score 1) 675

Gee... A bit defensive aren't you?

All I said was that performance was in fact slower and repeatedly clarified this was by my own observation and that I could only comment on the locations I'd been in.

And yes, I haven't read the EMV spec or done coding on newer systems. But that hardly interferes with noticing time from card presentation to printout. Notice that I specifically said "back end system" and didn't specify where in that chain the problem was. It could be in the portion of the system that the retailer itself fielded. It's not like most customers are really going to care.

But, I do have to ask: Why is saying a technical rollout of a new system is at least perceived to not be going perfectly smoothly (whether that's true, or just the customers deluding themselves) greeted with that kind of response?

It's not like I kicked your dog. Or did I?

Comment Re:Oh please. (Score 1) 675

"It's really not that bad. It takes exactly the same amount of time"

That's not true, at least at many of the locations I've been to. It should be true, but isn't.

I used to work for a credit card processor and had to test the systems for grocery stores with 20 or so lanes before they were installed. One of the things I was watching for was slow performance (way back in the day of X.25 links. Get offa my lawn. ;) ), so I still pick that up regardless of the swipe versus insert dichotomy.

Based on what I've seen, and I've only been using a chip card instead of a debit for about a month, the backend changes weren't done well before roll out. It's not the end of the world, as pointed out, but it is slower, at least where I'm at. The town doesn't have fios, but it's still pretty well connected, so I doubt communications speed or system loading is the problem (else, that would slow down transactions in general, not just chip cards.)

Comment Sweet new military job: (Score 1) 173

I can just imagine all the people vying to be the official classified Pokemon catcher to nullify this clear and present danger to the Chinese military.

Sgt.: "Private Chang, why didn't you report for KP?"

Pvt.: "I had to catch a Ratata that was in the nuclear launch communications center."

Sgt.: "Very well. Carry on."

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