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Comment Sweet new military job: (Score 1) 173

I can just imagine all the people vying to be the official classified Pokemon catcher to nullify this clear and present danger to the Chinese military.

Sgt.: "Private Chang, why didn't you report for KP?"

Pvt.: "I had to catch a Ratata that was in the nuclear launch communications center."

Sgt.: "Very well. Carry on."

Comment Re: How people stayed cool before a/c (Score 1) 117

Exactly. The original AC said he grew up in Phoenix. I was visiting there in 1974 (I was 12)and noted how many of the houses had these weird looking brown boxes on top of them. I asked what they were and got the explanation.

Oddly enough, I have seen a large one installed here in Urbana, Illinois in the old make up air system for a restaurant. Nearly useless and hadn't been maintained for decades. (I was working on the attached gas fired heating unit at the time. Was really odd seeing a swamp cooler here. ;) )

Comment I worry about the form and entry route of lead. (Score 1) 101

I have a several pound block of lead sitting here on my workbench next to me.

It's no more of a health hazard to me than the block of tungsten I have somewhere here in my shop, or the blocks of steel that I use for supporting work on the hydraulic press a couple of feet from me. Any of them can injure my foot if it falls on it (but I wear steel toe boots). Their toxic effects in that form are nil.

Lead in many forms is not a hazard.

Dissolved in water, or in the air from leaded fuel is quite a different matter.

What form, entry route to the body, and amount the element has can make large differences.

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