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Submission + - Coulson held in perjury inquiry (

HarryatRock writes: "BBC reporting arrest of Prime Minister David Cameron's former director of communications Andy Coulson.
A police spokeswoman said: "Officers from Strathclyde Police's Operation Rubicon team detained a 44-year-old man in London this morning under section 14 of the Criminal Procedure Scotland Act 1995 on suspicion of committing perjury before the High Court in Glasgow.""


Submission + - Germany on our side this time but USA needs time to think (again) (

HarryatRock writes: "BBC reports ( Motorola`Mobility gets injunction against Microsoft importing products such as Windows 7 and Xbox into Germany, but has to hold up enforcement because yankee court wants to "consider" it. Damn uppity colonists think they're in charge."

Submission + - Wye Knot

HarryatRock writes: "Can we leave shuttles at ISS instead of final landing? Bring crew back in Soyuz, but keep shuttle for extra living space and robot arm, possibly keep capability of orbital change and bring up extra fuel. Shuttle could be last resort lifeboat."

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