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Comment Re:Just stop renewing H-1B visas (Score 1) 612

Was your great grandmother too was auctioned when she arrived to United States 100's of years ago? Stupid ahole! if Corporations starts firing people on the basis of nationality then one day they will cease to exist! credit crunch is because of stupid american citizens who didnt knew what they are capable of buying and what not! dont blame others because of your stupidities, if International people leave this country in 3 years time this country will become third world!! you cant manage and run thts why people from outside are coming and helping, no body entertains anyone unless someone is worth it!! Your above remarks are very humiliating and redneck-ish speaking conservatively. Become competent and everything would be alright.

Comment Re:Require pay and benefits parity (Score 1) 612

What happened to "Best Man for the Job" the great American saying faltering at this time. Keep all US citizens then what ever is left of the company/organization will also go drown the drain and then after an year "Microsoft no more" would be coming on then there will be then cheers for open source and Linux victory.

Comment Stop this rheotic!! pls (Score 1) 397

I am amazed when it comes to saving one'e own butts people go to lenghts to blame others!!. Its an old American saying "Best person for the job" then why hue and cry when someone is hired who is non American national. Not all H1s are avg. guys, some are very bright specially one's who are graduating from good universities with Masters and PhD degrees. American corporations give Americans full oppurtunity to get them hired such as lowering GPA to 2.75 from what International student is asked which is GPA 3.5. Companies which are in any way related to Federal work they hire only American Citizens. One should be competent enough to face competition, it's not H1s that are creating the problem but it's the American Capatalistic mentality which can go to any length to lower down their expenses. Today they are hiring Indians and Chinese tomorrow they will hire East Europeans and Philipinos if they are more cheap to hire to increase big corporations profits. Competent people are always hired not matter what.

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