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Submission + - Discontinuation of AT&T Worldnet® Service

HarryTk writes: Is this an end of an era? AT&T Worldnet was one of the leaders in the ISP goldrush of the nineties.

My wife received the following email notice. There is no mention of it on the worldnet site, I couldn't find anything on google, and I didn't get a notice for my own account (which is a different type of plan). I guess it is sad that AT&T has made them selves so irrelevant that this news passed so quietly.

Does anyone know what is going on?

"Action Required!
Discontinuation of AT&T Worldnet® Service

Dear C...

As mentioned in a previous communication, we are streamlining our Internet services to offer you an even better Internet experience. As part of that effort, AT&T Worldnet Service will no longer be available as of March 15, 2010, and will be replaced by AT&T Dial Internet service.

What do I Need to Do?

If you wish to maintain your Internet account with AT&T — and keep your email, email IDs, and settings — you will need to move your AT&T Worldnet account to AT&T Dial Internet service prior to that date. Your account will NOT be automatically moved to the new service.

            IMPORTANT! If you fail to move your account by March 15, it will be terminated and all information for your AT&T Internet account — including your email, email IDs, features, and settings — will be lost and will be un-recoverable. " ...

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