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Comment Planned obsolescence - better alternatives (Score 1) 478

This is to kill the secondary market now that a 5 year old laptop has a cpu that is just fine. If it wasn't to kill the secondary market and the flash was really amazing and isn't going to fail ever they'd show a 5 year warranty.

We all know they won't do that, they'll actually charge you extra to get any useful warranty. But yeah, I dislike apple and won't buy their crap after paying thousands for a macbook pro that they shipped with faulty nvidia hardware and didn't recall. Apple are just a horrible company, the existence of other horrible companies does not excuse them for being awful. They're worse than microsoft, their reputation was only ever better than microsofts due to their failure to get market power. As soon as they got any they went nuts with it. Think different to apple.

Asus zenbook with any linux distro on it is just a plain better laptop.

Please add your successful linux laptops to this thread.

Comment Outrage fatigue (Score 4, Interesting) 230

Do you think that the reason barricades have not been stormed and every congressperson is not running scared from all responsibility, knowledge etc is because it's another thing with a computer in it so the brain has dropped out of the ear? Same thing as public service spending billions on a solution that boils down to a 286 with a whole lot of workarounds. People stop thinking as soon as "with a computer" is in the sentence? I don't know, I can't fathom it I'm wildly advancing theories to explain how the USA achieved the USSR's wet dream of surveillance and it has less impact on policy than if a pop star got naked on prime time television.

Comment This is a C Standard Bug (Score 4, Informative) 140

C and C++ still haven't fixed this egregarious bug in the standard. There is no reason for single line, un-braced blocks. People use them to show off how "cool" they are that they don't need to brace because it's only one line. It makes for difficult to spot bugs like this. We need to actually yell at the people on the standards committees to FIX THE BUGS in the standard. There are other really obvious ones and they all should be fixed before adding more new features. YES I'M LOOKING AT YOU C++14! There are plenty of ways you can make a new standard still work alongside code from an old one (compile old, broke, brittle, stupid code with a compiler flag indicating the old standard and new, beter files (yes "translation units c++") with the new one. Introduce a #THIS_FILE_IS_STUPID pragma to disable sanity on old code compiled with the new standard and plenty of others. Pick one, bless, it, implement it and FIX THIS CRAP The 35th and 36th incidences of the words "goto fail;" in that file are the problem, not easy to spot until you look really closely and it's a bug that a sane standard would make impossible. FIX IT!!

Comment Try Before You Buy (Score 1) 386

The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. 10 minute walk from coogee beach. They should put more of these up and Richard Buckland is their most charismatic lecturer with others as bad as he is good. But I reckon you could do worse than really knowing what you're in for before getting hold of visas, plane tickets etc. etc.

Comment Scorpions Album Cover Is not the Cause of Block (Score 1) 668

It's actually this image from the ceiling of the Sistine, painted by a known pederast for an organisation that features pederasty prominently amongst its other sins. Accordingly there is no choice but to block all of wikipedia. But we must also block all of Michaelangelo's work, all greek philosophy, in fact all history up until 1968, and everything since then must be vetted carefully. Eurasia has allways been our allies we are at war with Eastasia.

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