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Journal Journal: girls

I saw this way pretty girl today. I was sitting there explaining how i "really" am a nerd and she was telling me "you don't look like a nerd" and i was like - "i am, i am... you can't possibly understand how nerdy i actually am." and we talked a little bit more.. and just when it would have been appropriate to exchange numebrs i flustered and fuxored it all up.. woosed out.. whoops...


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Journal Journal: good god

Why does bush suck. Man i get so mad thinking about him. His reaction to this day will lead uor country to its knees if we aren't careful.

Good god. As if we aren't having enough problems. i sit hear listening to the fighter planes fly by - i guess patrolling downtown chicago. wierd. I never thought i would be in this situation... yet i am not really in any situation

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Journal Journal: Deisgn

This is funny. the little green header. hah. I wish it looked cooler.

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