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Submission + - AI Performs Independent Experiments (

Harmast writes: "A British AI program, supplied with an automated laboratory setup and a large database of yeast biology, has done independent research into baker's yeast and produced new and useful, if simple, results. The machine, named Adam, was the result of a five year project of biologists and computer scientists at Cambridge and Aberystwyth universities. Adam was, without intervention but under monitoring,able to form a hypothesis and perform experiments to test and refine it. The results, confirmed independently by human scientists, yielded information about the gene encoding for yeast enzymes."

Comment "I have become Brahma, the Creator of worlds" (Score 1) 512

I doubt Gary said it when he saw the first copy of the brown box come from the printer, but he could have.

He wasn't the only one to create RPGs. Arguably they'd existed for a bit in the miniatures community in various half-finished states, such as ruler driven campaigns. But he was the one with the vision to write it all down and say "let's do it this way", combining all those ideas into one coherent work (even if the text didn't quite convey that coherence).

And with that text he made us all creators of world.

Yesterday a friend and I were exchanging emails on gaming and concluded that tabletop RPGs are one of the most accessible forms of creativity in the modern world.

I can't thank him enough for that gift. All I can do is pass it on.

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