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Comment Re:Garden cress (Score 4, Informative) 294

I hadn't heard of this experiment until now, interesting. The mainstream media reports I saw about it all seemed rather heavy on sensationalism and light on facts. I dug a little deeper and found this, which does a good job of pointing out the many flaws in the experiment: Does wifi stunt cress growth?.

This one also provides a summary of the points in the original.

Comment Re:In before (Score 1) 490

My dear God in heaven!

You lost me right there. While there is a vast and increasing amount of evidence for role in Earth's changing climate, there isn't any evidence at all for this "God" character you're referring to. Your argument against climate change basically appears to be "it's too complex to know" (granted, for you perhaps...) and "we're getting the wool pulled over our eyes with all the propaganda". How about you forget the hype and actually spend some time looking into the science?

I was going to suggest you read the following article but it sounds like you've already made up your own mind without really giving a crap about the underlying facts.


Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 2) 444

Yes sorry, my bad. Here's some more detail I found about the materials and manufacturing of these notes, taken from this PDF

"A contract for the supply of polymer material and associated security features was negotiated with Note Printing Australia (NPA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Bank has collaborated with the Reserve Bank to ensure that the supply of material and access to intellectual property are assured. The substrate itself will be supplied to NPA by the Australian company, Securency International, and the notes will be printed in Canada by two private sector security printers, Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited and BA International Inc., both based in Ottawa"

Comment Re:You're already making more progress... (Score 1) 444

Dumped... quite literally! According to the Bank of Canada, worn out banknotes are put into landfill: "At the time of the study, the Bank of Canada had not chosen a specific end-of-life scenario for polymer bank notes. So, for the sake of modeling, the end-of-life treatment currently in use (landfill) for our cotton-based paper notes was assumed."

I don't suppose anyone happens to know where? :)

Comment Re:Common knowledge (Score 2) 670

Does throwing insults somehow might you right?

You (and the mods who rated your comment "insightful") would do well to take an objective look at the facts here. If you'd bothered to RTFA, you'd realise that this is an apples to oranges comparison. The C++ code was optimised far beyond the Java code:

"E. Java Tunings: Jeremy Manson brought the performance of Java on par with the original C++ version. This version is kept in the java_pro directory. Note that Jeremy deliberately refused to optimize the code further, many of the C++ optimizations would apply to the Java version as well."

So while C++ might well be faster than Java, this article doesn't demonstrate that.


Swiss Bank Has 43-Page Dress Code 212

Tasha26 writes "The HR of Swiss bank UBS AG came up with an innovative 43-page document (French) to establish fashion 'dos' and 'don'ts' in their retail branches. Among the rules are such things as: 'neither sex should allow their underwear to appear,' perhaps Dilbert was a bit ahead of them on that. The document also mentions smells and 'avoid garlic and onion-based dishes.'"

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