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Comment BBC Newsround (Score 1) 320

As a 14-year-old self-identitying geek interested in all things science & technology, I'd just got home from school after staying an extra hour to mess about in the computer room (networked BBC Micros) and was watching TV (the 2 main TV channels here at the time programmed kids entertainment between around 3pm and 6pm) when John Craven's Newsround came on (around 5pm) and broke the news Newsround is a highly-respected news programme aimed at children, set up by the BBC in the '70s, which often pulled no punches with its reporting and more tan once scooped breaking news stories, as it was broadcast an hour before the 'adult' news bulletins at 6pm. I vividly remember being pretty distraught and running into the kitchen to tell my mum that 'the Space Shuttle has just blown up!'

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