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Comment Re:It's not the FWD that are the real problem (Score 1) 114

And based on the preorders they have investors lining up to loan them money. It's like the US national debt, it's only a problem if you don't expect to be able to repay it or if nobody wants to lend you money at reasonable terms. Tesla is not going to fold due to lack of funding sources, they might be less profitable in the medium horizon because they're paying off loans (but really, corporate rates, even for a company with their run rate, are at historic lows right now so it's not THAT much of a drag on future earnings), but they've got access to plenty of capital.

Comment Re:IT and CS need to be split up (Score 1) 498

No, your idea leads to people who think doing full table joins between two 100M+ row tables on different servers to get a handful of results is a good idea. While there is a use for business analysts (people who translate business requirements into specs) the idea that you can be ignorant of CS principals and code is just wrong IMHO and IME. I'm a failed CS grad so I fully realize that not everyone is cut out for CS but I also realize that there IS a need for the coders out there, I know just enough to be dangerous and my code is usually only used for administrative tasks on at most hundreds of objects so my lack of efficiency generally only inconveniences me, when I've had to help diagnose the 'slow' database server that was brought to a crawl due to amateur code it irks me.

Comment Re:odd--- (Score 1) 236

More like engineers are move devoted to their technology than to whomever happens to employ them at any given time.

Or their careers. Time spent becoming expert in a system that's not used anywhere else is time not spent becoming expert in stuff that might be needed in your next job. Getting locked in to your employer is very risky and has little if any benefit.

Comment Re:Come on... (Score 1) 236

This is not an Apple problem, it's an industry and maybe even a societal problem. I don't even think it's possible to get a good job, get an A+ rating for every performance review ever, and expect to stay at that job for 5+ years. After 10 years, you are too expensive to keep around.

Lol, just left one job after 10 years, not because I was too expensive but because the new company had more resources to spend and could offer me significantly more. The average seniority at the new company for IT workers is 17 years and not a month goes by that our Office of ~700 people doesn't have an announcement for someone celebrating their 25 or 30 year anniversary. You just need to develop valuable skills, expertise, and a proven track record and there WILL be someone willing to hire you. Any time I've gone looking for top tier talent for a specific area of expertise the number of qualified respondents has been very low because the majority of people with the applicable skills are generally already gainfully employed, the unemployment rate for the last few IT focused surveys I've seen results from were under 3% which is an incredibly tight market. If you're IT, not entry level, and having trouble finding employment it's either something with your local market (and you're not willing to relocate) or you've done something very wrong with your career.

Comment Re:against traditional American values (Score 2) 228

The traditional American value of getting ahead by hard work and grit is completely opposed to this sort of genetic pre-disposition.

Unfortunately, that value is at odds with the capitalist value of getting ahead by any means available no matter the consequences to anyone else. So you'd better hope that DNA testing won't give any measurable advantage, otherwise it'll be yet another lock in your chains.

Comment Re:If they want to play.. (Score 1) 86

I think if the precedent holds that common carrier is black or white and who regulates them based on that holds, they're going to still be able to offer non-common services. What they really won't like, though, is that this is consistent with the FCC's argument that because they are common carriers and tie non-common offerings to common offerings that the FCC gets to regulate the non-common offerings.

Comment Re:Predictable when newer is not better (Score 1) 272

Desktop support is a very tiny percentage of IT. We're talking racks of servers, multi-gigabit per second links between data centers, centralized configuration management, server monitoring as a service, custom web applications with published APIs for customers to use, individual servers with hundreds of gigabytes of RAM, true virtualization, containers, on-demand spin-up of new VMs, automated testing and deployment of new code, and single web queries across all that which trigger communication across multiple companies to fulfill the request and provide a product or service based on it.

No, a desktop being "fast enough" and running a "new enough" desktop OS doesn't have much at all to do with a contraction in IT jobs.

Comment Re:The most outrageous aspect (Score 1) 104

Identify theft by itself is technically a crime. Some customers got overdrafts because money was withdrawn from one account without their permission to be put into another account opened without their permission. It's at best fraud by Well Fargo against their shareholders because the number of active accounts was fake.

Comment Re:Cable Packages, Duh (Score 1) 198

Except to get the NHL Network, I can't pay $7 on top of my package. I have to go from a 45 channel package that's about the same price as my Internet service without the bundle to a 200-channel package that's about double the price. And yet after we paid $140 a year for NHL on demand streaming, they block out any games that are on NHL Network. So they want us to pay another $1300 a year on top of the $140 and still miss games where our team plays the "local team" 5 hours away.

Comment Re: locker room talk? (Score 3, Insightful) 50

There's a big difference between a guy saying "I want pussy" or saying "take Pam out for a cheap dinner and she'll give you all the head you want" and saying what Trump said. The offensive part isn't that he said the word "pussy". The offense is that he said he can just walk up to a random woman and touch her in the groin without asking and that he'll get away with it because he's important. So do you really want to make him one of the most important people in the world, when he's already proud of being able to get away with sexual assault?

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