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Comment Funny? (Score 1) 472

Out of curiosity, why was the parent modded funny? If such an economic colapse was to happen then this is genuinly good advice but I suppose that most people don't even want to consider the possibility of it coming to be, much less being prepared for it...

Or maybe it was a joke and I just missed it?

Comment Unmanned SP2S (Score 1) 176

A 450 gram, 29-inch wing span, battery powered vehicle ISN'T MANNED???? WTF?

Sweet babby Jebus!

In order to maintain airspeed velocity, a manned SP2S would need to beat its wings 43 times every second, am I right?

In related news AeroVironment has announced that they will be dividing their SP2S project into two branches, one to follow more stationary targets and the other to track people traveling over large distances. The more stationary version will be known as the African Stealthy, Persistent, Perch and Stare Air Vehicle System (ASP2S) and its migratory cousin with be known as the European SP2S or ESP2S.

Comment Re:the problem isn't the maps (Score 1) 457

it's the prejudices of these japanese people

While I agree with you, lets look at a different tool and problem, shall we? In China it's illegal for a doctor to reveal the sex of a fetus. While at first you may think this is absurd, you must realize that in many cases a male heir is valued over a female and with the one child law many parents would instantly abort until they got their heir. Obviously the social troubles that this could result in wouldn't be easy to deal with.

In this case I find the solution (though I doubt it works all the time) to this problem to be quite adequate even though it's the mentality of the people that's the original problem, and to go back to the original topic, just because Google isn't the one at fault doesn't mean that they should ignore it.

Comment Re:Noooooooo...... (Score 3, Insightful) 123

The voters, too. Someone keeps electing these morons.

You know, while I understand why government officials (particularly the ones higher up) are referred to as morons and the like, I think it's far more likely that they're well aware that they're dishonest with the public and serve themselves and come across as idiots because of their tangled web of lies which really doesn't matter that much once you consider how easy it is to sway public opinion with propaganda.

Of course, given that the great majority of candidates are self-serving (morons) to begin with it's not surprising that people like this get elected. Oh well, I guess I'll just find a less-restrictive place to live when things become too oppressive for me =).

Comment Re:That's a record (Score 1) 255

This is unlike we in the USA who have to be mindful of what the world will think about our actions.

I don't know about that, the US government (at least the highest levels of it) seemed quite willing to turn a blind eye to all the protests against the invasion of a sovereign country, torture, invasions of privacy and who knows what else from both domestic sources and foreign without any trouble.

Pot and kettle indeed.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 255

If we're going to use nuclear power, why use small nuclear power plants to drill for oil, instead of using it directly? Isn't this the worst of both worlds?

Perhaps because the potential gains were calculated and are considerably greater than just using the reactors for power? Don't forget that the ever-increasing price of oil is probably only going to make this venture even more profitable.

Comment Re:So how much is enough? (Score 2, Interesting) 596

Now they just need to bring the price down where I can afford it - a $50 35mm camera is still the cheaper option.

That depends on how much film you plan to get developed over the lifetime of your camera. I was using 35mm film for a while but ended up saving quite a bit after making the intial investment to go digital. Also worth noting is that my skill in taking pictures definitely went up as I could immediately see the results.

Comment Re:Battery life (Score 1) 596

Olympus needs to focus on battery life. With flash on, my Olympus camera gets about three shots per charge on a new battery.

It's possible your battery is just old or a defect but if you tried framing your pictures by using the peephole and turn off the screen, you'd definitely get more pictures from each charge.

Comment Re:Magnetic stylus != touch screen (Score 1) 174

There is a growing perception that touch means touch - using your finger. Using an inert stylus (like Windows Mobile devices) is a very poor second. But having to use a special purpose magnetic stylus is a FAIL.

I disagree. If I'm able to replace both my textbooks and take notes in this device with a stylus I'd stop having to bring both books and a notebook to campus everyday. It'd be even better if it had handwriting recognition and let me write equations all in the same file. In fact, once I get all those features at a reasonable price I think I'll invest in a new epaper gadget, though I may have to wait a while.

Comment Re:"I didn't read it" (Score 1) 341

This is probably off topic but I get the feeling that had the parent AC had the user name Newyorkcountrylawyer the comment would've been modded to +5 in no time. It'd be interesting to see if the users that are consistently modded up (sometimes for simply agreeing or confirming opinions) ever experiment to see whether their comments get modded as high when posting as mere ACs.

Just a thought I wanted to share.

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