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Comment Or maybe... (Score 5, Funny) 150

Or maybe they should have put up a payment screen on their site, "We're sorry, your antivirus subscription has expired. To prevent your computer from being exposed to malware and virii, we have taken the proactive step of disabling your computer until you have made payment. For the low renewal fee plus a small reactivation fee of $199, we will be happy to walk you through the re-enablement process. Have a nice secure day!"

Comment indeed, so what. (Score -1) 377

And why should they release their headcount unless other companies do the same? All releasing that info does is make them a lightning rod for criticism by politicians who need someone to bash, especially while the anti-business party is in power. IBM needs to do whatever they have to to survive and compete. If the US has made it difficult, the natural response is to shift resources elsewhere. If the govt. seriously wanted to get businesses to come back here instead of fleeing, they'd get rid of corporate taxes. All of a sudden the US would be a tax haven for business, jobs would come here as businesses relocated to the US, and we the consumers would not get stuck subsidizing corporate taxes. After all, if the govt makes it more expensive to do business here, a corporation must either 1) move to a better tax climate, or 2) pass along the costs in their pricing. All the additional jobs would raise lots of money in payroll taxes, social security and medicare would be better funded due to the increase in jobs, and the US would be much more competitive in the world.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Microsoft, the photoshop g00r00s

TI-99/4A's rock writes: Ok, so if you want to have a little fun at Microsoft's expense, check this out: Load two tabs, one with this link, MS #1 and the other with this one: MS #2 Then click the tabs back and forth and behold the genius of MS marketing

Indian Tiger Park Now Tiger-Free 170

Panna National Park is now officially tiger free making it the second Indian tiger sanctuary to no longer have a tiger population. A census was conducted in the park, after authorities reported no Bengal Tiger sightings for a long time. Three years ago the park had a population of 24 tigers; however, none were found this year. Forest minister Rajendra Shukla is optimistic about the news and says, "Panna is our only park which has lost on this count. Three of state's reserve forests — Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench — have been adjudged among the best managed tiger reserves in the country."

Comment System was telnettable til closure (Score 1) 224

Up until they did this, I was still paying a legacy $2.50/mth fee for Compuserve and my old account could still log in to the service at via telnet. You could not do much in there of course anymore, but I was also once a sysop, and I still knew how to get into the PRO area, do directory listings of their hard drives (and see files with dates dating back to the 70â(TM)s), and with that knowledge run some of the old apps from the command line (like biorythms, and some adventure games), and even things like TE2TRN.EXE (the program that allowed the TI-99/4A TE2 cartridge to transfer files from Compuserve. And of course who could forget the Filge editor? I used to log in every few months for a little nostalgia, as well as amazement that the old systems were still up this long

Submission + - Can FLOSS development be more inclusive and sane? 1

Can't Sleep! writes: "One thing that could be said about Free/Libre and Open Source projects (FLOSS), is that if you build it, they might not necessarily come, and if they do, they might find the gates closed!
What I would like to ask the /. community, since many of you have served as committers or code contributers to FLOSS projects, is to share your experience in managing and contributing to FLOSS projects.

For the contributors among you:
Assuming that you know how to program, do you find any further impediments contributing patches to a FLOSS community? does the source code organization? helpfulness of current contributors/committer? documentation? or any other factors come into play? Do you find your self sometimes saying, I want to help, but in practice, find that it is impossible to do so? Have you ever showed up to code sprint, only to do nothing, or work on trivial documentation? I would very much appreciate your point of view on the matter to understand what might be wrong, and what would be the solution to making FLOSS development more inclusive?

For the committers among you:
Let me know if this sounds familiar: You find your self overwhelmed with all the requests for assistance (users and developers alike), not to mention the time spent modifying the code contributed by someone, which you could have spent much less time rewriting from scratch than fixing.
Are these problems all too common? What is your experience and solution for making the life of a committer less hectic? and if this problem is all too common, do you think there is a chance of making the development process more inclusive? In addition, what would you say to the complaints of the contributors about: code organization, documentation, helpfulness, and any other factors that might have prevented them from contributing patches. Are these legitimate complaints? Can something be done about it? Or are committers simply too busy?

Please make clear when responding, whether you bring the experience of a committer, or a contributor."

Submission + - SCO Head sued for trade secret theft and fraud 1

akahige writes: In what can only be described as a massive turning of the karmic wheel, Darl McBride (SCO), Robert Brazell (founder of, Stephen Norris (an investment capital guy), and Bryan Cave (former Pelican Equity attorney) are all listed as defendants in a lawsuit filed that alleges they conspired to steal trade secrets from Pelican Equity which they used to establish Talos Partners, a stock lending business. Among the charges are fraud, conspiracy, and violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Groklaw posted about this last night and has since pulled the story, though the PDF of the complaint is still available, and there's a summary on Courthouse News Service.

Milky Way's Spiral Arms Could Not Have Caused Climate Change 86

KentuckyFC writes "One of the puzzles of Earth's climate history is an apparent 140-million-year cycle in the climate record. Various astronomers think this can be explained by the passage of the Sun through the spiral arms of the Milky Way, which also seems to have had a period of about 140 million years. The thinking is that in regions of denser star populations, supernovas would have been more common, bathing the Earth in cosmic rays more often. These cosmic rays would then have seeded the formation of clouds that cool the planet. But in recent years, astronomers have mapped out the structure of the galaxy in much more detail. And now a pair of US astronomers have reanalyzed this climate change idea in light of the new evidence. Their conclusion is that the climate change cycle cannot possibly have coincided with the movement of the Sun through the spiral arms. So whatever caused the 140-million-year climate change cycle on Earth, it wasn't the Sun's passage through the galaxy."

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