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Comment Re:Slavery mentality in the USA still very strong (Score 1) 224

All it takes is 1% of surviving owners placed within state or federal structures. And you don't have too look very far. Just look at prominent politicians from South Carolina and their beliefs.
Somehow slavery legacy still lives on. Since physical enslavement is almost impossible, there is wide acceptance or perhaps general ignorance for various forms of enslaving fellow humans.

Comment Slavery mentality in the USA still very strong (Score 0) 224

Are you surprised to see complete disrespect of privacy laws?

Too many previous slave owners and their descendants still lives and have say in politics. It was serious error by US population not to charge them with crimes and let them keep the wealth acquired by using slave labor.
Today that money are being used heavily in politics to induce laws to enslave people's digital lives and treat us like objects: credit agencies, info-search databases, social security numbers etc.
Privacy is treated as something that can be converted to dollar figure.

This "slavery mentality" must change or eliminated before we can talk about keeping our lives private.

Comment Too Expensive (Score 1) 629

New trend.
Junior and medium IT positions are being replaced by students doing internships or minimum wage apprenticeship.
I noticed that working for US and UK companies.
Suddenly everybody wants to hire people fresh out of college or even before graduation.
Older workers are too expensive. It doesn't matter if this cause some hiccups for company, balance sheet is more important.

Comment Slavery well and alive in the U.S.A (Score 1) 1216

Not going to happen. After replacing official slavery with economic one, group of American oligarchs is O.K. with the current status quo.
This type of mentality is still strong, their success depends on suffering others, in order to win some have to lose.
Don't expect CEO's to give up any gains, their families, often previous slave owners raised them to keep wealth within "trusted" circle .

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