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Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 386

I have a brother HL2170W that's been our household workhorse printer for over eight years now. Had an issue exactly once, when a small foam pad in the inner works started to get sticky, causing paper jams. A quick youtube search showed me how to repair it. Other than that it's been working great. All the previous printers we owned, from HP & Epson, barely lasted two years. I learned my lesson long ago, and I will *never* again buy an HP product.

Comment Code should be as concise as possible. (Score 5, Funny) 239

I never use variable names of more than one character unless all possible single character names have already been used, which rarely happens. I never indent blocks; extra white space is only superfluous. I never do in six lines of code what can be done in one long convoluted line. If the person that needs to maintain my code can't make sense of it, too bad. They're probably just a sloppy programmer.

Comment Re:Brazil wasn't far off (Score 5, Insightful) 326

I just went to a doctor this week, and they also asked me about my current medications. I also said "same as last time", so they printed out a form with the medications I mentioned in my last visit and just had me initial it to make sure. They don't just do this to cover their ass, they also do this to cover yours. For every ten patients that insist that "Oh, nothing's changed", they'll probably have one that eventually says "Oh wait, I stopped taking that one two months ago, I forgot to mention it". When it comes to my health, I'm glad they double check their work, and mine.

Comment Not everyone accepts it. (Score 1) 326

My internist, who's many years younger me so he's not just some cranky old Luddite, tried the using iPads, etc., for about a year before he threw it all out and went back to a manila folder with the patient's name on it, with all the medical records inside. I feel more comfortable with him than with his associate who seems to look everything up on their phone before making a decision. Just my data point.

Comment Horrible in daylight (Score 3, Interesting) 290

I have a late model car with one of those back-up cameras, which is displayed on an LCD display mounted in the dash. On a bright sunny day, when I'm backing into, say, a shaded parking spot, the cameras display in completely useless. The glare from the dashboard, hood, etc., completely drowns out the wimpy LCD display. In those cases, there's no way in hell I'm going to want a car without mirrors.

Comment Re:Good, I hope it works (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Remember when grocery stores in the U.S. first starting giving "discounts" if you used your loyalty card, or whatever it was called at the time, that allowed them to track your purchases? Now they just raise the prices on select items far above the price of their competitors, then only sell it to you for the normal price if you hand over your personal data. The same thing will eventually happen with phones.

Comment Re:Needs municipal class action (Score 1) 767

"A significant number of Waze users will not be city residents." So what? A significant number of Chevy drivers will also not be city residents. Should the city sue Chevrolet for building cars that violate the sanctity of this neighborhood? Waze doesn't create more traffic. For every car that moves onto a less traveled road there's one less car that's on the busier roads. The total wear & tear on pavement is the same, and the total roadway maintenance costs are the same. "This means that they need a court to tell them that they need to behave properly in respect to a public commons, or else." Or else what? Public commons? Here's the thing with these public commons; everyone has the right to choose their own route through them. Don't like them in your neighborhood, then maybe they won't allow you to drive through their neighborhood.

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