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Comment Yes, Windows 10 (Score 1) 151

Windows 10 was purposely released feature incomplete. Which technically makes it Alpha software.
Windows 10 cannot be Beta software, because Beta is supposed to be feature complete, just fixing bugs, and boy is it buggy!

I had a problem the other day on my Surface Pro 3 where the Start Menu would not open up. Also the notification centre and WiFi would not open either. Turns out this is form a common bug where Windows 10 will corrupt the core OS files. They have a fix for it that is really easy to do. You just have to open up the command line and run this tool that will download an ISO matching your version and fix the core OS files using Windows Update. Except Windows Update is usually one of the core files corrupted. That's okay, you can figure out your exact version of Windows, download the ISO, mount it, then you can run the command specifying exactly where the files are. I ended up running a refresh instead.

This is one of the many "small" bugs in Windows 10. You know just things like some CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives aren't detected. WiFi sometimes doesn't work, or just plain breaks for no reason.

When Windows 7 was in development, I ran the preview and then beta on my main computer, because they were 1 million times better than Windows Vista. To use all my memory I couldn't use Windows XP, unless it was Windows XP 64bit, but that was a bit of a crap shoot on if things would work or not.

Comment Re: Removable storage that never gets removed (Score 1) 221

You have hit the nail directly on the head for why UFS is DOA! Speed and capacity. It has the speed, but maximum storage is 256GB. This is an exact repeat of xD cards. A new, faster, lager capacity microSD spec is probably just around the corner, that will work with existing cards, making UFS a non-starter.

Comment Re: The irony.. (Score 1) 221

You sir are the niche! Most normal, non-technical people I know will not buy a phone without external storage, unless it is an iPhone. They want lots of storage for all their pictures and video. They often ask me how to turn off cloud storage because they don't trust it. If it goes in the cloud, it is because they choose to post it to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pintress. They do not download to their computer and only delete the pictures and video they don't like. Mind you, most of these people also don't know how to set their phones to save pictures and video to external storage, so unless the phone asked them where to store them they get put on the internal memory until it runs out and they ask me how can their big card run out of space so fast.

Comment Only one way to make the windows store better! (Score 1) 156

The Windows Store is a complete cash grab. It offers no value. They don't even properly filter out malware. Also you may see your purchase disappear, because reasons. Microsoft has done it in the past, on and is still doing it!

Taking these things into consideration, the only way to improve it, it to delete it off your system. It is a useless pile of garbage that has some fundamental design flaws. The biggest of which is that it is run by Microsoft and the biggest flaws in it Microsoft has no interest in preventing.

Comment Rules For Upgrading to Windows 10 (Score 1) 982

Are you running Windows 7?
Yes - Goto A
No - Upgrade to Windows 10 (Honestly in all ways Windows 10 is better than Windows 8/8.1)

A) Do you need DirectX 12?
Yes - Upgrade to Windows 10
No - Goto B

B) Do you need to test in Edge?
Yes - I guess you better install Windows 10, but maybe after a installing, install Windows 7 in a dual boot for actual work
No - Stay on Windows 7

Comment Re:Office vs Libreoffice (Score 1) 328

Hate to tell you but Office is not 100% compatible with Office. Especially between new and old versions, but even sometimes the same version on different computers have troubles.
I find that Libreoffice Writer is actually more compatible with Word documents than Word most of the time.
It is true Calc is not as good with Excel... Unless you start talking about 2003 and before. Microsoft with Excel 2007 decided to break compatibility majorly with older versions, so Calc seem to open pre-Excel 2007 documents better than Excel.
Impress... *sigh* Impress... Powerpoint is still far superior.
All this being said, Microsoft many times have recommended people install Libreoffice to open documents that have gotten damaged because Office will refuse to open them at all.

For the record at work I use Microsoft Office and it is a steaming pile of crap compared to Libreoffice! I am on a Mac with Office 2011, 2016 has been released, but it is right now in the testing phase at our business. I understand Mac Office 2016 is supposed to be feature par with Windows Office 2016, but Mac Office 2011 definitely is not.

Comparing Window Office to Libreoffice, I still find Libreoffice for the most part is better, though you get things like headers and footers in Microsoft that are done better.

Comment Re:On the bright side (Score 1) 457

1. The court ordered Apple to comply. Even though the Justice Department has withdrawn legal action against Apple, the precedent is now set. That is probably one of the reasons why it was withdrawn was that the order had been set and now cannot be contested except in a new case. The problem is any new case already has a legal precedent. Doesn't matter that they didn't comply, it is now on record.

2. The FBI's legal credibility hasn't been damaged at all. Over 80% of the FBI cases are tossed out of court because the FBI brakes the law in finding evidence. Also, just with a bit of reading you would find that Cellebrite, a non-US company, approached them saying they THINK they can break into the phone. There is this thing in law called due diligence, and I'm sure they can prove that they did their due diligence.

I personally call the FBI a criminal organization because they break the law more than the criminals probably do, and that is even with their far reaching extra leeway under the law. Then there is the CIA, but they are criminals basically by definition.

Submission + - Harmonix Crowdfunding For Rock Band 4 PC (Windows) (

HannethCom writes: Since Harmonix first released Rock Band on console, they have always thought of doing a PC (Windows) port. Now this may be a reality, if enough people are willing to crowd fund it.

Harmonix estimates it would cost about 2 million dollars to port Rock Band 4 to PC. They are willing to chip in 1/4th of that if people will chip in the rest of the $1.5 million. Best of all, it only cost $49 to get the Steam digital download with 65 songs, plus another 30 indie tracks.

Won't this affect the development of the game on PS4 and Xbox One? No, Harmonix would be outsourcing the port work to Sumo Digital. Harmonix will be doing some of the work on the port though, mostly on the Rock Band Network portion. That's right, anyone with the PC version will be able to make tracks for Rock Band 4 PC version. Steamworks providing the framework for uploading and purchasing other people's content. The tracks will need to be verified first by Harmonix that you own the copyright before the track become available to other PC users. Harmonix even says that they may bring some of the PC RBN songs to the consoles.

Comment Same Experience on Desktop (Score 2) 355

I was just going to comment on the same type of experience, but on the desktop.
I have beta tested a number of Windows OS versions.
I don't recall what version of Windows (7, or 8), but I remember in the Beta I would click on a feature to try it out, and immediately I would get a dialog asking how did I find the design and the functionality of this feature. I would click off the dialog, then try out the feature and I wasn't allowed to bring the dialog back up to comment. I did have a section I could bring up for commenting on the beta, but everything was always grayed out.
I was also the Windows Vista Beta. That they had a dedicated board for us to report bugs, discuss features and make suggestions. There was one section that thousands of Beta testers signed their name on protesting that Vista was being released when it was obviously not ready yet.

Comment Re:in bed with satan (Score 2) 203

The Raspberry Pi team were going for cheap platform that could be affordable to schools, hobby projects and used in developing nations.
When the Raspberry Pi first rolled out the processor was about $5, that left $30 for everything else.
At that time Intel SOC were going for $35 in bulk, which would have made the Raspberry Pi at least $65. The original Intel chips used during development would have been even more expensive.

Other people have pointed out that the founder worked at Broadcom.

I can't comment on the atheros as I do not know much about it, what the cost was when the first Pi came out, or even if it existed when the first Pi came out.

Comment ReactOS Uses Parts of WINE, Not All Of It (Score 2) 141

In the past they have discussed their relationship with WINE. One of the problems they have with WINE is it has a very different purpose to ReactOS. WINE is trying to run Windows programs on another platform. ReactOS is trying to make a Windows implementation.

Some libraries in WINE cannot be used because they rely on functionality of the base OS, or X Windows. Others pieces of Windows functionality are none existent in WINE since they are only needed by the OS, but they have some functionality that ReactOS needs, so it is a combination of WINE and new ReactOS code. In the previous case the code will not be pushed back to WINE, but that difference needs to be maintained for ReactOS. Then there are times that ReactOS has implemented code that can be useful to WINE, so they post a commit to the WINE project.

While WINE and ReactOS do share some code, it is correct to say that parts of the usermode are based on WINE. If you were to compile the WINE components and try to just drop them in ReactOS, many would not be functionally equivalent to ReactOS version of the component.

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