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Comment Nothing Has Changed (Score 1) 252

How do you know Apple customers don't like being ass raped? Considering that has been the whole history of the company, I can only guess that their customers must enjoy it. At work I was forced to use a Windows 3.11 machine (Mac) and I don't like it. It is very opionated on how you should do things. Unfortunately Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 are also wanting to tell us how we should work these days as well.

Comment Re: Breaking news, water is wet! (Score 2, Informative) 252

And yet Apple refuses to release sales figures for the iPhone 7. Which Apple only does when sales are really bad.
Then you have Apple slashing production of iPhone 7. There are also reports from resellers of large numbers of people choosing iPhone 6 over the equivalent iPhone 7, even when the iPhone 7 was cheaper.
Personally I know 4 people that bought the iPhone 7. Only 1 of those people didn't return it.

Comment Windows 10 is Alpha at best (Score 2) 256

I can definitively say Windows 10 is not a Beta test!
No matter what some companies want you to believe, Beta means feature complete with just bug fixing and tweaking left to do.
Microsoft said on release that Windows 10 is not feature complete and they will get us the planned features as they are done.

Comment What Happened To "Do No Evil"? (Score 2) 43

Seriously, Best Buy treats their customers like criminals, and their employees worse. In Canada they bought out FutureShop. A few years later they decided to close most FutureShop stores and have a select few stores change to Best Buy. They let the managers know that a package of signs was going to be delivered after hours when everyone else was gone. The managers learned about the their store closing when they opened the package. The employees found out from the media, or the signs when they tried coming to work the next day. As for the stores that were changing to Best Buy, those employees could apply for jobs at the new store.

Comment MPAA, Raids, Who Are The Pirates? (Score 1, Insightful) 60

I find it funny that the criminal organization called the MPAA is having raids performed on on their behalf, as wasn't it pirates that used to perform raids.
That's right, the MPAA has been found guilty of pirating movies. Thousands of movies have been found on MPAA computers that they have no license, or rights to.
The MPAA has also paid companies to issue DMCA takedown on their behalf. Where tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of DMCA takedown have been in violation of the law.

Comment EA Knows Nothing About Games (Score 2) 182

I was talking to Don Mattrick one day and he was saying how the EA board doesn't understand gaming. They just want to make a game exactly like the last successful game on the market.
He was constantly fighting with them to not scrap products that were sure successes.
Thus it doesn't surprise me that the board has put in a CEO that is as clueless as them.

Comment Usage doesn't matter in the US (Score 1) 170

You haven't been following court rulings very well.
There was a case of Microsoft vs a company where they had an enterprise license, meaning to OS is not locked to a machine. They had under the number of licenses in use on active computers, but they had some computers that were scheduled for wiping and hadn't been wiped yet putting them over the legal number of "active" licenses.
The judge ruled in Microsoft's favor as lawfully she had to, but as part of the judgement stated that morally Microsoft was in the wrong.

Comment Re: Lol no (Score 1) 158

The Note 7 they made the battery not replaceable. This saved Samsung a lot of money on production of the device because there didn't have to be fire prevention circuitry on the device and battery. Then they were charging about $200 more than when the Note 5 released meaning they were going to make killer profits on the Note 7. Except there is a major problem in the primary fire prevention system and now there is no secondary system, so is costing them billions. They got greedy and are paying for it. My problem is there is no competition to it. Originally there was the Nokia x00 series, then Samsung came out with the Note. Now Nokia is gone and the only option with a stylus is the Note.

Comment Apple Not a Replacement (Score 1) 46

Quite happy with my Galaxy Note 3 as well, though I really wish they would at least update the OS to Marshmallow, so I can tell the Facebook/Messenger Apps where they can shove their request for my location.

People keep saying that the iPhone 7 is the competition to the Galaxy Note 7... I think people don't understand what the "Note" part of the name refers to. Here's a hint, something none of the iPhones do.

Comment Creative Labs (Score 2) 44

How come there is no mention of where they bought the majority of THX from? Didn't Creative Labs buy them originally? I think that was when we started getting the computer THX certified speakers. Also THX certified theaters and movies seemed to disappear at the same time. It's too bad because THX Theaters really did sound much better, evan than Dolby DTS Theaters.

Comment Current Keyboard Was Designed For Speed (Score 1) 55

Not sure where you got your incorrect information from, but the current keyboard was designed for maximum speed of the day, not to slow down typing speeds.
While it is true that there are keyboard layouts that can make typing faster on a computer, the current keyboard was designed to space out the hammers so they would not jam on typewriters thus increasing the speed people could type.

Comment Another Galaxy Failure? (Score 1) 446

I would think they would be reluctant to do something stupid like getting rid of the headphone jack.
Especially after the Galaxy S6 colossal failure with not having the microSD slot and no removable battery.
Then with the S7 Note still having the locked in battery so they have to change it, and is looking like they have to do a second recall.
This path with the S8 looks like intentional suicide.

Comment Aerobraking Would Not Work Well With Mars (Score 1, Informative) 497

Just putting a manned spaceship into orbit of Mars would probably take more fuel than landing. Putting satellites into orbit is already quite hard, due to the gravity being basically 1/3rd of Earths. The problem is that people are squishy and don't stay perfectly still, so you have to constantly make small course corrections. The more people, the bigger the problem. The gravity means that your window of angle of entry is that much smaller where Mars will actually capture you into orbit.

Then there is the aerobraking! At sea level Mars has 0.6% the pressure of Earth. This is why they crash probes into Mars instead of trying to land them. Parachutes won't work with the weight of rovers and what the humans will be coming down in is much heavier than rovers. It just takes more time to slow down, what's the problem with that? True you could take more time to slow down, but the problem is either you are going to be too high up and just plummet to your death, or you are going to have to come in at an angle where you crash land, and people are squishy and their bodies don't like crash landings. The different between gravity and viscosity make anything in between very difficult. There is also the problem that people need to eat, pee and poop, thus things move around and well death ensues.

Comment Windows 10 is a virus according to your definition (Score 2) 259

Up until the Windows 10 free cut-off date, Windows forcefully installed itself onto some people's computers without asking. Sometimes with Windows Update turned off. Not all of the code was copied form a central server, actually any computer already with Windows 10 can be requested to send parts of the main install, or updates. Some people complained that it didn't give any preference to computers already on the internal network, I think this has been fixed in the Anniversary Update. Copying itself confirmed!

Has a detrimental effect. Windows 10 removes some features automatically like Media Center, Windows DVD Maker, DVD playing, Desktop Gadgets, Start Menu, Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts. It also removes some third party software as well, or requires you to uninstall and re-install it. Some games and programs just no longer work at all. Now you can get some of these things back with third party programs, or hackers getting Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts to work again, but it is the same thing with a virus, or malware. Windows 10 is both a malware and virus confirmed!

Oh, but I'm not done. "Windows 10 does not destroy or corrupt data unless Microsoft deems that it is for the user's own good." Microsoft now supports FLAC files natively, well kind of, it will read and play them until for some reason it decides to corrupt the files so that it, nor any third party software can play them anymore. Microsoft is aware of the problem, but I have not seen a fix for it, even though it has been a problem since the first release of the OS.

As for corrupting data, a common problem with Windows 10 is that it will sometimes corrupt core OS files such as the taskbar, start menu and windows update. Common problem! I have even experienced this myself. It is so common, they actually have a specific easy fix baked into the OS to solve this. The only problem being that the easy fix uses windows update, so if that is hosed, you can still fix the problem, but it is really complicated. I ended up doing a refresh instead. Aka, Windows 10 corrupts the OS making it a virus.

I'm sure some people with ASUS motherboards can tell you about their hosed systems from a Windows 10 update

How about the Anniversary Update that breaks all USB2 web cams making some completely inoperable?

As you point out, it gathers sensitive information and displays unwanted advertising in their replacement for the old games, in the start menu and in notifications. Making Windows 10 definitely malware.

As you can see, not only is Windows 10 malware, but it also meets every definition of a virus as well.

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