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Comment Bluntly? (Score 1) 489

Google's bad design influence, in general. It's been corrupting even good names. And, now talking exclusively web: the big villains are WordPress and Bootstrap! =\ I've seen too many pseudo-devs giving up of their brains to just code whatever they wanted and leaving the visuals to bootstrap without any care. It's quite sad.

Submission + - Getting rid of your hyperactive talking friends using The Chat Bot Club! (alphr.com)

Hanike writes: Have you ever suffered from a hundred annoying sounds and pop-ups from messenger services like Facebook, WeChat and WhatsApp on your smartphone?!
Worry no more: now you can have a bot-you to reply your annoying friends exactly like you'd do, but more politely... while you focus on things and talks that really matter!


Submission + - Starting the Machine Revolution now in Japan! (theverge.com)

Hanike writes: "According to The Verge, Japanese hi-tech company Suidobashi Heavy Industry is developing a 13-foot, diesel-powered real Mecha robot called Kurata!

"Japanese engineers are working on everything from robots that walk like humans, to robots to help you in the lab, to robot babies for studying human development, but where are the mechs? Thankfully, Wired Japan shows us that Suidobashi Heavy Industry is on the case, having completed a 13-foot-tall, 4.4-ton, diesel-powered robot called Kuratas. The two-man team — artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics researcher Wataru Yoshizaki — isn't stopping there, either. Suidobashi wants to mass produce, starting at the low price of $1.35 million.

So what do you get for the money? Kuratas has over 30 hydraulic joints that allow it to freely move its arms, legs, and torso. It can fire water bottle rockets and fireworks, and its 6,000 round-per-minute BB gattling guns are controlled with the pilot’s smile; part of Yoshizaki’s V-Shido (read like bushido, as in "way of the samurai") control system. In order to get around, the four-legged mech uses ordinary wheels, but the Suidobashi team wants to get it walking in order to navigate uneven terrain. If you’d like to see more, you can check out the rest of Wired’s photographs of the team’s garage, and check below for video of the prototype's unveiling this past weekend in Chiba, as well as promotional videos — complete with CG of the robot driving through Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.""


Submission + - Twitter docs hack exploits stupidity vuln (theregister.co.uk)

Hanike writes: "[ Over a month ago, a hacker gained access to Twitter's internal documents and thereby introduced the unprofitable Web 2.0 darling to the blunt end of internet justice. Hacker Croll — the still anonymous Frenchman who has claimed responsibility for the attack — cracked the personal e-mail account of a Twitter administrator. In its observance of the San Francisco startup law of relying on free, online productivity suites instead of ponying up to Microsoft for something that actually works, Twitter stores all of its internal documents on Google Docs.

The administrator whose account was hacked used the same password for both his personal e-mail and his Google Docs login. Yes, web applications are sure to overtake desktop applications any day now.

Hacker Croll didn't exploit any software vulnerabilities. He exploited stupidity. To crack this personal e-mail account, all he had to do was answer a security question, which is the same way that a hacker gained access to Sarah Palin's personal e-mail account during the 2008 election.


More likely than not, if you had the login information from some office drone who spends his day cultivating a corporate tan under the fluorescent lights of a private, climate controlled hell, you most likely had credentials for a Windows NT domain or Active Directory.


And just for the sake of completion, if you know a TechCrunch writer's account information can load up http://www.techcrunch.com/wp-login.php and start posting about how online productivity suites will save us all from a hoof to the face by the savage brute in Redmond. ]

Text extracted directly from TheRegister.
Read full story here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/20/dziuba_twitter_hack/


Journal Journal: Stop Uwe Boll to destroy gamer's dreams!

Please, all Gamers around the world, help to stop Uwe Boll to destroy our most dear videogames in his infamous and disrespectful movie "adaptations"!

He has already destroyed great games as House of the Dead, BloodRayne, Alone In The Dark, Dungeon Siege, Far Cry, Postal, Rampage... and so many others are to come if we don't stop him right NOW!
There are even rumors in internet that he was trying to destroy Metal Gear Solid and Legacy of Kain series!

Submission + - Stop Uwe Boll's Crap Movies! (petitiononline.com)

areReady writes: Uwe Boll, the creator of the veritable hall of shame of the worst sci/fi fantasy movies of all time — particularly horrendous video game adaptations — has agreed to stop making movies if an online petition requesting that he stop gets 1,000,000 signatures. The time has come to wield the might of Slashdotters for the good of humanity.

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