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Comment Re:IF you think you need this (Score 1) 161

Clearly. What's your point?

That I did not hit the F key hard enough. The first word should be "If". Thank you, Anonymous Coward. IF that isn't the issue, and IF you think you need to hire a private detective to spy on your spouse, your relationship is already in serious trouble and communication should be the starting point, not setting traps. Close relationships are about trust, this thing is about mistrust. Just sayin. Heck, if you're setting traps Better Call Saul.

Comment This would be nice! (Score 1) 84

I have several apps on my Samsung Rugby I'll never use. Some are duplicates from Google, Samsung, and my service provider. Some are unremovable games (I don't play games on my phone). Facebook keeps trying to push it's crappy messenger at me that weighs in at over 20 meg, screw that. Options are good, as long as they are optional.

Comment Re:People are great at ignoring labour (Score 1) 288

There are plenty of talented people willing to put time into labour and support. There are a ton of people working for free in their spare time outside of their full time time jobs doing stuff that counts. Designers design when their not at work. Carpenters shape wood into what they or someone else wants when they're on free time. There is a market outside of money where talented folks just help each other out. They do it for fun or for a favor returned. It's a part of "all that jazz".

Comment Re:informal poll (Score 1) 641

Wait, that's not quite right. The family likes to watch their flickershows so I installed an EXT3 driver for Windows and set up the XBox as a Windows Media Center extender to stream stuff to the TV. We gave up on cable TV a bit over a decade ago. From what I've seen at work on lunch breaks, that was the decision to go with.

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