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Comment Re:This could get interesting (Score 1) 267

Actually, they do (or did, future will tell us).

Apple ][ series (6502) to MAC (68k) compatibility was achieved via an add-on card on some models. 68k to PPC was via an emulation layer. MacOS classic to OS X was done with emulation (my gigabit G4 Powermac did that pretty well actually, and if memory serves it was called CLASSIC, or do it with fat binaries.

Starting with 10.4.11 there were universal binaries that could run on either PPC or x86, or Rosetta could handle them via emulation (up to 10.5.8 IIRC). So they can pull off another architecture change and retain compatibility until vendors come up with updated software.

Kinda fascinating that a Visicalc file could be transfered from a 5.25 floppy from late '70s early 80s all the way to the latest MAC, while Windows running on X64 can't even handle a 16-bit installer without external support...

IMHO what Intel needs to do is ditch anything before P6 in their architecture. What ran on a 66Mhz 486 or 233 Pentium can be done easily with emulation on newer machines.

Comment Re:Confirmed (Score 1) 506

1- No, the share still has a password.
2- They'll have to get through the firewall, IDS, VPN, you know the rest of the story...
3- It's not even on the same VLAN. (it's on BLUE, my LAN is on GREEN, and that machine is only accessible from authorized MACs/IPs). Yes, I have to authorize them one by one. (hint: the router is an appliance, not a dlink toy from Walmart). The only devices that are allowed to access that share are my phone, tablet and main computer, and only by VPN.

not all users are complete morons...

Comment Re:Zero tolerance (Score 1) 455

Sure, there's a more direct correlation, but it's not perfect either. Some people might be unable to stand up at .08 and others will be able to stand up and talk in a coherent fashion at 0.12.

I'm not saying reaction time won't be slower, but an experienced drinker might be able to hide it more. Besides, a good driver (even if slightly impaired) will be safer than a sober bad driver.

Comment Re:Politics of this will be used against legalizat (Score 1) 455

" A white suburban woman in a late model SUV doing 11 MPH over the limit will need a dashboard bong to get tested, a black man in a 15 year old Cadillac pulled over for the same offense will get tested."

Amen to that. Ex girlfriend driving her bimmer? driving while black. Me driving the *exact same* car? no problem whatsoever, she's just the dude's GF.

I dunno how it compares in other major cities, but in Montreal there IS such a thing as racial profiling...

"there are an awful lot of just plain bad drivers out there, and I'd suspect that most average and better drivers are still more competent mildly stoned than a lot of unimpaired drivers with poor skills."

Or cellphone using drivers, but those get a free pass here...

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